Settlement Survival

Settlement Survival Update Brings New Faction, Spring Festival, and More

Developer Gleamer Studio has rolled out the newest Settlement Survival update earlier today, January 22, 2022, bringing 5 new factions, trade reword, and the much-awaited spring festival event. Apart from these new features, the Settlement Survival January 22nd update also includes several bug fixes and adjustments to the game.

So, what are the new factions that every player can enjoy? The new factions are Antonio, Miao, Lorenzo, Rania, and Carlos. Each one of these new factions has different features that will be unlocked once a certain reputation is reached. About the spring festival event, feel free to read the full details below.

Settlement Survival Update on January 22

5 new Factions added

You can use the hotkey(C) to open the Factions Menu and view information related to these forces. Trading with these Factions can increase your reputation and unlock corresponding unique content, each with its own new features or functions.


  • He’s a special case. He was the merchant who used to bring goods on the dock. In this New Faction System, he will provide the most standard price, and the price will not fluctuate. In addition, he remains the sole supplier of some seeds and animal cubs.


  • Reputation Level 1: Unlock Bamboo and Tsai’s Paper Mill;
  • Reputation Level 2: Unlock Private School and Tofu;
  • Reputation Level 3: Unlock Dense Farm, Dense Orchard, and Dense Forest Farm;
  • Reputation Level 4: Unlock Siheyuan and Jingju Theater;
  • Reputation Level 5: Unlock Cooking Skill and Grand Palace.


  • Reputation Level 1: Unlock Hardwood Nursery, Hardwood Tools;
  • Reputation Level 2: Unlock Barber Shop, Fast Hunting;
  • Reputation Level 3: Unlock Ancient Smeltery, Hardwood Pasture, Small Fishing Port;
  • Reputation Level 4: Unlock Bank, Hardwood Furniture;
  • Reputation Level 5: Unlock Powerful Physique and Greate Castle;


  • Reputation Level 1: Unlock Dates;
  • Reputation Level 2: Unlock Mosque and Persian Tapestry;
  • Reputation Level 3: Unlock Dyeing Mill, Custom Tailor, and Gem Mine;
  • Reputation Level 4: Unlock Exquisite Swords and Grand Bazaar;;
  • Reputation Level 5: Unlock Better Trade and Sankore Madrasah;


  • Reputation Level 1: Unlock Cactus and Cactus Workshop;
  • Reputation Level 2: Unlock Agave Clothes, RopExp (Rope -> exp);
  • Reputation Level 3: Unlock Water Nursery, Obsidian Mine, Outdoor Kitchen;
  • Reputation Level 4: Unlock Seed Trade, Chichen Itza;
  • Reputation Level 5: Unlock the Great Temple and Mineral-Rich;

In addition, we added some random events related to the Factions.

Trade Rework

  • Trade Technology rework.
  • Removed Ferry and Grocery Store.
  • The materials required for the construction of Dock are adjusted to simply Stone, Wood, and Iron Ore.
  • Adjusted Small Trading Post(owned by default)、and Large Trading Post(unlocked in technology) as new trading buildings.
  • Added Water Trading Post as a new trading building(unlocked in technology)。
  • A new function added – caravans dispatching, which can be used to send caravans to trade with Factions, whether to sell or purchase needed materials
  • Removed the barter function (exchanging goods for goods) from the Dock. Now purchase can only be made throught the silver coins
  • Added Market Prices interface, hotkey(V)。
  • Added Price Floating Mechanism. After trading with the corresponding Faction, the price of the item will fluctuate.。
  • Adjusted the trade-related content in the Beginner’s Tutorial.

Spring Festival Activities

  • After the update, you can get a New Year gift after loading a game for the first time.
  • Citizens will wear red clothes (appearance change
  • Added new item recipes of Rice Cake and Glue Pudding in the Mill, and also Glue Pudding recipe in the Gourmet Shop
  • Added Tusu Wine recipe in Distillery and Winery.
  • Added Firecracker recipe in Fuel Factory.
  • Added decorative lanterns on buildings.
  • Added Spring Festival random events(Chinese character “Fu” and Lucky Rui Beast)。
  • Added blueprint building Firework. When one of the Fireworks are lit, all the Fireworks on the map will be set off at the same time.
  • Added a new wonder building, Rui Beast Plaza. After owning Rui Beast Plaza, the probability of accidental death will be reduced to 0. Firecrackers can be set off in Rui Beast Plaza to make the happiness of all citizens full.
  • Adjusted the background music during the end of the year.


  • Added river digging function in Standard mode.(It needs to be activated in the technology, and old saves in sandbox mode can only dig rivers after unlocking the new river digging technology
  • Optimized the AI logic of starving citizens.
  • Optimized the trigger weight of active events.
  • Optimized the display of the logs in the lower left corner: 1. Different types of information now will be shown in different colors. 2. In the expanded and folded state, the direction of the arrow will change.
  • Optimized save interface(longer city name supported)。
  • Optimized the disabling function and added disabling by type(in Town Details – Stock Management)。
  • Fixed the issue that the number of adults, students, and children displayed incorrectly in the City Details interface.
  • Fixed the issue that the mining basic buff did not take effect.
  • Added more resolution options(38402160,25501440,1920*1200)。
  • Added 90 and 120 frame rate (FPS) settings.
  • Removed Idle Chicken from the purchasable items’ list from merchant ships.
  • Shortened the new game protection mechanism by making the trigger time of Fire, Flood, Drought, and Great Harvest events sooner in a game.。

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