How to Access Shoot the Ship Playlist in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

During the time when this game was still in its cod cycle (before MWII) there was a Shoot the Ship playlist, containing 2 maps:

  • Shoothouse
  • Shipment

Both of these maps had amazing potential for high kill games, and for completing camos. After the lifecycle ended, that playlist was removed… for the most part.

How to STILL play Shoot the Ship

With this simple trick, you too can enjoy that playlist… with some caveats

1. Go to filter next to Quickplay

2. Select hardcore, and set it as quick play filter


4. Back out, and start matchmaking

There you go, you will now only get either shoothouse or shipment. Shoothouse is best for longshots, shipment for rest

The only caveat is that it is hardcore. So that means lower HP, no health regen and no HUD.

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