How to Beat Gold & Sharke Heist in PAYDAY 3 (Overkill Stealth)

In this guide I will show you how to complete the heist ‘Gold & Sharke’ fast, in OVERKILL STEALTH. If you want to complete it LOUD, you can do so by triggering the alarm at the very end. And you can still escape in the van as per normal.

Heist Details

Gold & Sharke – Overkill Stealth

As with all heists, I recommend you play through this heist alone, on any difficulty, at least once. Follow the in game objectives as this will give you a better idea of how the heist is designed. And you can take your time to walk around and explore.

📜 Overall Complexity – 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐
🎭 Recommended Players – 2+ (Solo is very slow)
💵 Payout – $1.16m or $1.33m (If completed loud)
⏱️ Average Time – 11-15 mins

Best Favors:

  • Zipline
  • Elevator Access – Adds a shortcut to the garage, great for solo.

Best Equipment:

  • Microcam (⚠️Important for this guide)
  • Armor bag

Ideal Skills:

  • Infiltrator, grifter and hacker are recommended

Get the Red keycard

The red keycard can spawn in one of three offices on the first floor. It grants access to the second floor, via the golden gated staircase.

(Only the correct office will have a civilian inside)

Check the 1st location, spotting the civ from the outside windows (1x QR Code)

(Located right of the entrance)

(Beware, the civ isn’t always visible, so walk around the corner checking from the other window)

Check the 2nd location, placing a microcam under the door (1x QR Code)

(Located right of the golden gates, down the hall, last office on the right)

(The civ should immediately be visible)

Finally, check the 3rd location, if previous locations were empty (2x QR Codes)

(Requires an additional QR code. Door is located right of the front desk, then down the hall.)

The keycard can be hidden in draws or under piles of paper, once found open the gate.

Get the Blue keycard

The blue keycard will spawn in one of three locations. It is used to open the Managers Office.

Check the easy spots for the keycard

(The easiest two locations to check are the left corner office. Or on the Manager)

Check the last area for the keycard

(The last spot to check is the right corner office. The guard stationed outside never moves. So either hack the guard from the side room, whilst minding the camera. Or have another player be escorted out with him.)

Immediately use the keycard, opening the doors to the Managers Office

(As you won’t want to do this if later you mask up)

Hack the door code

The door to the vault lobby is protected by a code. You need to hack two computers to get it.

Hack the 1st computer, in the server room

(This computer hack will fail half way)

Hack the 2nd computer, in the IT office

(Once complete return to the server room, to finish the original hack)

Neutralise the camera/lobby guards

If you’re playing solo, skip this step as you don’t want to mask up in this heist.

With the blue keycard, sneak towards and open the camera room door
(Camera room door is located right side of the vault. The lobby guard above will always start in the same place, but you can sneak straight forward without stopping to behind the pillar. Then sneaking again, hiding next to the flag outside the camera room door.)

Disable the camera guard
(At the time of writing, it’s not necessary to kill camera guards. After this, leave the room, closing the door behind you. If left alive, they won’t hear you running.)

Kill the vault lobby guard
(If you don’t do this, they will easily notice you running, find the loot bags or notice the vault is open)

Open the Vault

To access the vault, you need to disable the laser grid and hack the managers computer.

Flip the coloured switches to disable the lasers

(Place a microcam on the adjacent pillar to see the required colours remotely if you are flipping the switches. Note, the guard stationed outside the right corner office will never move)

Hack the managers computer

(One player can go hack the computer, whilst you open the vault with the blue keycard)


To escape, everyone who’s masked up stays and bags. Whilst everyone else takes bags to the van.

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