How to Change FOV in Starfield

Seeing as Bethesda forgot to add an FOV slider, here’s how to do it.

Change FOV

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to Documents > My Games > Starfield.

Right-click an empty space inside the folder and select New > Text Document.

Name the new document “StarfieldCustom.ini”. Make sure it doesn’t have “.txt” at the end.

Open the new document in Notepad.

Copy and paste the following



Replace the 100s with your desired FOV values for 1st, 3rd person and spaceship views respectively. By default, Starfield’s FOV is set to 85 for first person, and 70 for third person.

Save and exit the file.

NOTE: If your new “StarfieldCustom.ini” file fails to become an ini click at the top-left of the window on view>show>file name extensions. Ensure the .txt extension is deleted and replaced by .ini

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