Dune: Spice Wars

How to Complete an Assassination Operation in Dune: Spice Wars

Recent changes to the game’s assassination mechanic made it a bit tricky to use. This guide is a basic step-by-step explanation on how assassinations work in 1.0

Infiltration cells

Before you start an assassination op, you should first establish infiltration cells in your enemy’s territory. Once the infiltration cell op is ready, target one enemy revealed settlement to place the cell. You should place the cell in a enemy settlement that border your territory, so you can keep tabs on it later.

Every placed cell will grant you another agent slot for you in the target faction and each placed agent will increase the progression factor of the assassination op. Should you lose one cell, you cannot place another if you have an ongoing assassination op.

The operation

Once you start it, the enemy will have a chance each day to uncover it. In my experience this always will happen, usually around 20-40% progression. A detected assassination op will have its progression factor decaying to 0%. The operation has a solaris and intel upkeep that will increase each day, regardless of the progress.

With the op detected, the enemy can start some counter-intelligence operations and send units to search for your cells. Found cells will be disbanded and your agents might be captured.

The progression factor will decay to 0% and the op will never complete. In order to reset the progression factor, you need to send some help to your agents: the Assassin.

This tier 2 tech will be need to recruit the unit.

Note the 200 intel cost on this unit. Also note how there is no indication that this unit has any interaction with the assassination operation! Sad 🙁

Basically it will cost you 200 intel to reset the progress factor, but the enemy might intercept your assassin. Best keep their towns clean of units.

Once you have him ready, all you need to do is select him and right click on the enemy settlement that has one of your cells.

With the progression faction back to 100%, the centuries-old Atreides-Harkonnen feud might just come to an end.

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