How to Complete Halloween Event in Boo Men

This guide will show you where to get all body parts on Riverglen Ln.

Riverglen Ln. Body Parts

The order of body parts is in a counterclockwise circle starting from the front door, moving right.

1. Brain (Dining Room Table)

2. Heart (Hallway Side Table)

3. Eyeball 1 (Bedroom Nightstand)

4. Arm 1 (Master Bedroom Dresser)

5. Torso (Shared Bathroom Bathtub)

6. Eyeball 2 (Kitchen Table)

7. Leg 1 (Living Room Fireplace)

8. Leg 2 (Office Bookshelf)

9. Arm 2 (Guest Bathroom Sink)

10. Head (Garage Crate)


If you have gotten all 10 body parts then you will earn $666, and this limited edition Halloween mask called ‘Ghoulish Pulse’!

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