How to Deliver Leftovers to a Reluctant Recipient in Remnant II

I just want this to help completionists like me i have never written a guide so bear with me but i have dumped over 200 hours into this game and came back strictly for the dlc since i had already 100% the achievements for the base game i’ll tell you i was very excited for what was to come and they didn’t dissapoint. There were only 2 achievements that really gave me trouble the other ones were pretty straightforward. Good luck and happy hunting gamers.

How to Deliver Leftovers to a Reluctant Recipient

For this one when you roll into the dlc you also need it to roll with the Great Hall as an optional area i normally just rushed the castle to see which 2 maps i got and if i didn’t really great hall or gilded chambers i would immediately reroll ( Guilded chambers in the next paragraph) if you rolled the great hall great. Go back and talk to leywise if you haven’t already you need to have spoken him in order to get the item. Finish the great hall and complete the feast and talk to the feast master about the scribe and he will give you an item the feastmasters left overs. take it back to leywise and insist he keep the left overs , you’ll be rewarded with i believe a ring? but who cares about that we’re here for the achievement congrats you’ve now fed someone dog food.

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