How to Disable War Drums in EA Sports FC 24

Hi there! We’re here to help you with a tricky problem in EA Sports FC 24 – those loud war drums that can drive you crazy during gameplay. We wish we could make them disappear completely, but for now, let’s explore a workaround that might give your ears a break.

About the Issue

When you play EA Sports FC 24, you’ve probably noticed those super loud war drums that don’t let you hear anything else. Sadly, there’s no magic button to turn them off completely. This can be really frustrating for players who love the game’s immersive vibe but can’t stand those overpowering drums.

How to Disable War Drums

To tackle the drum issue, try messing with the “Beyond Broadcast” setting in the game’s audio menu. Turning this on makes the crowd noises louder than the commentary, which can help make those war drums less obnoxious. It won’t make them vanish, but it should make your game sound more enjoyable.

Be warned, though – turning off the Beyond Broadcast setting might not work for everyone. Some players have tried it and still had trouble with the drums, suggesting there might be a pesky bug in the game. It might affect certain setups or just need a patch from the developers.

Bonus Trick

Aside from the Beyond Broadcast trick, gamers have tried other stuff to hush those war drums. Some have fiddled with various audio settings, while others restarted the game, hoping it’d magically fix the noise. Sadly, it didn’t work for everyone. It seems like we might need a bigger solution here.


If you’ve found some secret way to beat those drums or have any other ideas, share them in the comments. We can all work together to deal with this ear-splitting issue in EA Sports FC 24. We’re in this together, trying to make gaming more fun for everyone.

In the end, there’s no perfect fix for silencing the war drums in EA Sports FC 24, but we’ve got some tricks to make them less annoying. Turning on the Beyond Broadcast setting can help, but it’s not a sure thing for everyone, possibly due to a bug. Let’s keep chatting with the community and giving feedback to the devs to get this sorted. And if you run into other issues in the game, there are other guides out there to help. We’re all about making gaming awesome for everyone.

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