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How to Dodge Melania in ELDEN RING

This is a guide that will help you become more familiar with certain attacks and how to counter attack some of them. Like the quick flurry attacks, waterfowl, jumping thurst and flowerdance (flower clones).

The basics

melania has two attacks which are very hard to dodge and the other two are used very often. The attacks are:

– flurry attacks (3 quick attacks follow by a ‘normal’ attack)

– jumping thurst (melania jumps in the air and thurst towards you)

– waterfowl (who doesn’t know the most famous move)

– flower dance/flower clones (hits hard and can be very punishing) – 2nd phase

In the next sections i will explain how to dodge this type of attack and how to punish some of them 🙂


1. this can be done by light and/or medium equip load (light roll/medium roll)

2. You can shield through most attacks with a shield that has 100% physical defense but melania will heal nonetheless!

P.S. let me know in the comments or message me if you find this helpful. I can expand this guide or make more guides for different bosses 🙂

Flurry attacks

this attack is three quick slashes followed by a ‘normal’ slash or a wind up slash. This aatack has a very basic indicator in which melania does this attack.

You can dodge this very easily by rolling left behind her right hand (so roll behind her hand where she is holding her katana). This can be done with light or medium roll.

You can then watch what her follow up is after the three quick slashes. If there is a gap (wind up) between the three slashes and the follow up attack, you can punish her right after (or heal). If there is no ‘gap’ and follows it up with a relatively quick slash, there is a high chance she is gonna follow up with another set of attacks.

Note: in her second fase is she much more aggro so wait patiently for openings.

Jumping Thrust

melania jumps and lands shortly after and does a thrust attack.

The moment she lands her foot on the ground as shown in the picture above she is going for a thrust attack. This can easliy be avoided by rolling left or right. For the more experienced player you can also roll backward (going the opposite direction where she is attacking). after the thrust you can punisch her and if you rolled backward you can directly punish her.

Note: by a wrong timing by this attack and you go backward, you get hit (your hitbox is in her katana)

2. after the thrust she will jump in the air again and slashes downward leaving a scarlet rot explosion. (2nd phase only)


Who doesn’t know the most famous move of melania the waterflow. The most annoying attack in her moveset. This attack can be very hard to dodge but if you don’t panick roll (i see u -_-) you can salvage some/most of the damage.

in the picture above is the indicator when melania is going for het attack waterflow. When you her jumpig in the air, make sure you are running away.

Once faraway she will miss her first fase of the attack. When she goes for her second fase of the attack just simply wait at the last moment and roll into her. For her third fase of the attack you can walk backward and she will fly over you. After the attack you can choose to heal or at the end of her attack you can damage her (beware of the last wind slash).

If you’re not sure if you have enough distance you can jump at the moment she touches the water. This will make her go up and down for the first fase of the attack.

Note: When directly next to her and she does this attack there are two things you can do:

1. throw a freeze pot at her, this will cancel waterfowl

2. unlock melania and circle around her. The moment she wants to unleash her attack, dodge

forward. This will make her go foward a bit and miss most of the first fase attacks.

Note 2: In her 2nd phase her waterfowl will cause scarlet rot build up upon hit.

Flower dance/ flower clone

The most difficult attack to dodge in her 2nd fase and does a lot of damage. below are the order in which to dodge to avoid taking any damage.

This marks the beginning of her attack.

When the first clone appears dodge backwards

When the second clone appears you want to dodge backward again.

With the thid clone you can to roll forward and a bit to the left.

If the before mentioned dodges are executed then the fourth clone will go right behind you.

With the fifth clone you want to dodge foward again and slightly to the left.

This is the last clone and will simply move behind you.

Now comes melania and dodge forward again.

Note: In order

1. dodge backward

2. dodge backward again.

3. dodge foward and slitghly to the left

4. wait for the forth clone to go

5. after the forth clone dodge forward again and slightly to the left (same as point 3 after the forth clone).

6. walk foward and the final clone will dash behind you

7. dodge foward again to avoid melania.

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