How to Explore Farm Arrays Without Using Deer in Rain World

Want to explore farm arrays without having to rely on deer? Simply hate deer and want to flex on them? This is the guide for you! Includes strategies for pre and post downpour.

Why hate DEER and choosing the right skip for you

DEER are unpredictable yet vital. In a game with a tight time limit, you can’t afford the luck involved. Proper use of spore puffs (which you’ll run out of fast) can ensure a deer will sit down near you, but you can’t ensure it stands up in a timely manner, and you can’t ensure it sits down in a way that allows you to easily ride it. If you don’t have the DLC, you can’t even ensure the deer moves the right direction!

Too much is outside your control, And just to make things worse, all that slinging spore puffs around means your hands and stomach are likely to be full. This is a slightly edited variant of the Wiki’s map of Farm Arrays.

The green circle is where you’re trying to go; it is why you’re in farm arrays. The red lines are all MANDATORY DEER ENCOUNTERS- If you want to get through farm arrays, you have to deal with at least two of those. The green lines are optional deer encounters. The orange circles are only part of the wet method, and the purple circles are where you can find squidcada.

There are many methods for skipping deer with less equipment, most of which allow your stomach to be free, and one that only requires a single hand to perform. They can all be as or more reliable than the accursed rabbit walkers. As for which is right for you:

  • Choose the squidcada method if you don’t have the DLC or if no other methods are applicable.
  • Choose the gooieduck method if you find a gooieduck.
  • Choose the wet method if you’re Rivulet or want something new as Gourmand.
  • Choose the gorm method if you’re Gourmand and just want an easy way through.
  • Choose the Arti method if you’re Artificer and you want a challenge.
  • Choose the scale method if you’re Artificer, Spearmaster, or Saint, and your interest is only in reaching the green circle by any means.

The squidcada method

Easiest to use when entering from outskirts, the Squidcada method simply revolves around starving yourself (by holding your down key in a shelter with a partially-filled stomach) then grabbing a WHITE squidcada. Non-gourmand slugcats are so light when starving that backflipping with a white squidcada gives infinite flight- just hold down jump while holding the squiddo to ascend, release to descend. Then, take the squidcada through the route marked in pink on the map below. If you have the DLC, the light-blue path is faster, but it’s unavailable without the DLC.

The hardest part is going to be getting through tight tunnels with the squidcada- sleep in shelters where applicable, and try releasing and re-catching the squidcada if it gets stuck in a tunnel. Because it’s nearly impossible to get a squidcada to go DOWN in a tunnel, sadly the upper route is effectively impossible. Only the pink path is viable.

Overall, the Squidcada method is fairly reliable and lets you keep your stomach, but having to work with animals is still annoying, even if they aren’t deer.

The gooieduck method

Gooieducks are light-blue fruits that look similar to berries, and that you usually won’t find anywhere near the farm arrays… but occasionally, scavengers have them. Trade, kill, do whatever you have to to get your hands on this holy egg. A single one is far more reliable than deer will ever be. Sadly, they can’t grant you the power of flight, so unless you have a lot of spears, these 2 pink paths are the only ones available with gooieducks:

To use a gooieduck properly, all you have to do is SLOWLY crawl through the worm grass. Repeatedly tap your forward key- as long as you aren’t holding it, you should be good. Too fast, and all the grass will grab you immediately. Too slow, and all the grass will slowly latch on to you, and you won’t be moving fast enough to escape. Balance it right and you can get past any patch of worm grass.

The wet method

The wet method is only available to Rivulet and any sluggo with at least 2 bubble fruit, preferrably more: This basically means it’s only available to Rivulet and Gourmand. I don’t recommend it as Gourmand even, it’s quite the pain and Gourmand has easier options. But as Rivulet, this is very easy- Just follow the pink line, no explanation needed.

The Gorm method

Need a reliable way through farm arrays, but you’re Gourmand so Cicada doesn’t work? Just, uh, craft a gooieduck. Yeah, that’s it. Circled here are two connected rooms, one with a mushroom, one with sporepuff. combine them to make a gooieduck. Speaks for itself.

The Arti method

Artificer can get past all the worm grass in the lower section just by jumping over it, but the required jumps are so tight that it might not be worth it. You’ll probably need to throw at least one object, too.

Just follow the pink line. The yellow section is a bit tricky- It’s this hidden pipe in the ceiling. You can reach it as any scug with tight spear throws, but they’re really hard to do. No trouble as Arti, though.

The Scale method

Need to visit the top left side of farm arrays, but you hate Farm arrays so much you don’t want to actually visit the region? It’s only ALMOST impossible to reach that area from its other end. As Saint, it’s easy. As spearmaster or artificer, it’s possible but hard. as any other Scug? It’d probably take all day. See the video below for an example as spearmaster.

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