How To Get A Fuel Station in Harvestcorp in SnowRunner

One of the things that you can unlock in SnowRunner Phase 8 is the refueling station. However, you need to complete several contracts to actually get this. There are lots of contracts that have been introduced in this new update. To make sure that you get to the fuel station as soon as possible, this guide will walk you through the details.

How to Get Refueling Services

To actually unlock this, you need to complete a total of 12 contracts. Here is the list of contracts that you need to complete:

  • The Beast Rising
  • Sample Field
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Let There Be Light
  • Missing Workers
  • Fixing the Elevator
  • Railway Blues
  • Lost Tech
  • Risky Endeavors
  • Down to the Last Screw
  • Fixing the Fixers
  • Airport

The tasks for these contracts are quite easy. Some of the tasks include delivering items, rebuilding tracks, and delivering trucks. The last contract to unlock the Refueling Services is called Airport, where you need to deliver and unload 4 oil barrels. Once it’s done, you have yourself a fuel station.

And that is how you can unlock the Refueling Services in SnowRunner. Good luck!

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