Snowrunner Kirovets K-7M

How to Get Kirovets K-7M in SnowRunner

Kirovets K-7M is one of the newest vehicles that you can obtain in SnowRunner. In this guide, we will be showing you the step-by-step process of how to get Kirovets K-7M in the game.

How to get Kirovets K-7M in SnowRunner

There are several tasks that you need to complete before you get Kirovets K-7M. Here is the tasks sequence that you need to complete.

The Beast Rising

The first thing you need to do is complete the task called The Beast Rising. This task will be completed after you deliver the abandoned Kirovets K700 to the garage. Below is the screenshot location of the Kirovets K700.

After bringing the vehicle to your garage, you will unlock the truck and the next contract.

Sample Field

The next job is to complete the contract called Sample Field. This can be done by simply delivering the cultivator to the Sample Field. First, you need to grab the vehicle located in the screenshot below:

Bring the vehicle to Sample Field. Once you get there, cultivate the field until you get 100%. Once you get 100%,  you need to the south area of the field and grab the Planter.

Drive back to the field and plant some seeds. You also need to reach 100% to complete this part.

Next, you need to grab another vehicle, which is the Harvester. You can find this vehicle in the General Store.

Similar to the previous task, go back to the field and get 100%. Once done, you will unlock the trailer store, tunnel entrance, and complete the stage. The tunnel entrance is what we actually need to proceed to the next task.

Thirty Harvestless Years

Now, go to Heartlands and do the challenge called Thirty Harvestless Years. This task will require you to cultivate the seed and harvest the field. Once you’ve done that, find a truck with a crane and move the potatoes to their respective drop-off locations.

After delivering the two packages, that will complete the contract and at the same time, unlock the new task called The Common Cause.

The Common Cause

Remember the field that you cultivated earlier, just go to the east area and you should find the new task. You can also refer to the map location below.

This is a pretty simple task. All you need to do is provide the needed requirements to repair the Kirovets K-7M. After repairing the truck, bring it to the Repair Center.

After bringing it to the repair service, you will be asked to bring the truck to the Service Center. The Service Center is just on the southeast of the Repair Center. Just right after you reach the marked area in the Service Center, the truck will be unlocked and owned by you.

And that’s how you can unlock Kirovets K-7M in SnowRunner. We hope that this guide help you get the vehicle in the game.

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