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How to Get Greyoll’s Roar in Elden Ring

This guide will be showing you how and where to get Greyoll’s Roar in Elden Ring. Greyoll’s Roar is one of Elden Ring’s legendary incantations.

Greyoll’s Roar Incantation Guide

To get the Greyoll’s Roar, you will need to have performed the ritual at the Church of Dragon Communion off the west coast of Limgrave. This area is accessible via an underground route through the coastal tunnel.

After that, you need to defeat a legendary ancient dragon, Elder Dragon Greyoll, near Fort Faroth. Compared to other dragons, defeating Greyoll is fairly easy. All you have to do is attack the tail until all of its health is depleted.

Once you defeat Elder Dragon Greyoll, it will drop a handful amount of dragon hearts and you can now make the legendary incantation, which is available for purchase at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in southwest Caled.

To get the incantation, you have to purchase it using three dragon hearts, but that’s just a fraction of what was received by defeating the dragon boss.

Greyoll’s Roar incantation requires 28 faith and 17 arcane to cast and consumes a whopping 75 FP. This incantation releases the terrifying roar of grail damaging all nearby enemies and reducing both their attack power and defenses.

So, were you able to obtain this legendary incantation in Elden Ring? Feel free to let us know in the comments. You can also check some of our Elden Ring guides like the how to get the Bloodhound’s Fang and where to find the White Mask guide.

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