How to Get All Hidden Achievements in Mahjong Club

A Short list and description of normal and hidden achievements.

New Color, New Mood

Change the table pattern.

From the main menu table, Click Settings and adjust the table color in the basics section.


Complete the shuffle practice once in the tutorial.

From the main menu table click the tutorial folder. Click the Shuffle Practice tab.

This achievement requires you to complete a winning hand by discarding tiles as you would in game. Click a tile to remove it, to create a complete hand of any type. You can use the last step button to go back one turn or restart to just scrap the whole hand. It may take a few tries but it’s a quick one.

Piece of cake

Check instructions of all the yaku in the tutorial.

From the main menu table, Select the Tutorial folder, In the basics section the last tab is listed as Yaku. Click on and check out each Yaku. To change the view to access all of them, click the tab that says “For beginner” and cycle through the options!

Yakuman, 32000!

Achieve a yakuman.

Are you really expecting THIS?

Achieve a “last self-draw” or “last discard”

Feels like a STAR

Achieve a “dead wall draw”

Hidden Achievements

If you want to find them on your own without spoilers then stop here.

No one needs round 2

Finish the game in East Round 1 and win first place.

Mom, let me finish this game before sleeping

Reach North Round 1 of the game.

Your mom is on to your antics, Keep playing and hold out for the North round!


Achieve a “Hand of Heaven”.

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