How to Get All Vehicles in SnowRunner Season 8 Grand Harvest DLC


  • There’s a total of 7 new vehicles in Grand Harvest DLC.
  • 3 of the trucks can be obtained by completing contracts.
  • 4 of the trucks can be obtained by a simple recovery.

Developer Saber Interactive has finally released the newest major update for SnowRunner. This time, we’re getting new vehicles and contracts in SnowRunner Season 8 called Grand Harvest. Speaking of vehicles, there’s a total of 7 new vehicles that you can obtain. If you’re planning to get all of these new vehicles in the game, make sure to continue reading as this guide aims to help you get all of them.

Kirovets K700

To get this vehicle, you need to complete the contract called The Beast Rising. To complete this contract, you need to go to the Scrapyard and deliver the abandoned Kirovets K700 back to your garage. Once done, the truck is yours.

Tayga 6436

The Tayga 6436 can be obtained in the south area of the Railway Terminal. There is no contract for this vehicle. Simply go to the area and recover it.

Tuz 166

The next one is the Tuz 166, which is located in the southwest area of the General Store. Similar to Tayga 6436, you can obtain this by simply recovering.

Chevrolet CK1500

Just north of Tuz 166, you can find the Chevrolet CK1500. Recover the vehicle to obtain it.

Kirovets K-7M

To obtain this vehicle, you need to complete several contracts. To start, complete the contract called The Beast Rising. After the completion, start the contract called Sample Field, then continue with the contract called Thirty Harvestless Years. Completing the Thirty Harvestless Years contract will unlock another contract called The Common Cause. Complete the contract to get the Kirovets K-7M. For a more detailed guide, you can check our guide on how to get Kirovets K7M.

Don 71

There is no contract to get the Don 71. Simply go to the marked location on the screenshot above you can recover the car for free.

Step 39331 Pike

The next vehicle is the Step 39331 Pike. The vehicle is located on The Institute map area, so you first need to complete the Sample Field to access it. Go to the area and complete the contract called A gift horse. Note that you need a total of 521 repair points and 201 liters of fuel.

And that’s all of the trucks that you can obtain for this new SnowRunner update.