How to Get Alolan Raichu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the latest games in the series, feature the ninth generation of Pokemon. As in every Pokemon game, the objective is to complete the Pokedex. Trainers search everywhere for the Pokemon they need to complete it, as well as those that are not included in the Pokedex. The Alolan Raichu, a popular regional variant of the electric-type Pokemon, is one example. If you want to catch it, this article will show you how to get Alolan Raichu in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

How to Get Alolan Raichu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To get Alolan Raichu in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you must transfer it from another game using Pokemon HOME. This is a cloud service that allows you to store your Pokemon across different games, such as Legends Arceus. However, Pokemon HOME is not yet available in Scarlet & Violet. It will be added to these games in Spring 2023.

The Alolan Raichu has rounded ears and a tail, and its body is brown and yellow instead of the normal orange. Its stats are slightly different from the normal Raichu. Here are the stats for Alolan Raichu in Scarlet & Violet:

  • HP: 60
  • Attack: 85
  • Defense: 50
  • Sp. Attack: 95
  • Sp. Defense: 85
  • Speed: 110

The Alolan Raichu’s dual Electric/Psychic typing allows it to use moves that are exclusive to psychic-type Pokemon, such as Magic Coat, Magic Room, Recycle, Telekinesis, and Ally Switch. This makes it even more desirable.

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