How to Get Talon Suit Transmog in Gotham Knights


  • To unlock the Talon Suit, you need to find and unlock the 5 caches that are scattered all over the map of Gotham Knights.
  • The caches are located at New Gotham, Historic Gotham, Financial District, North Gotham, and Lower Gotham.

One of the coolest cosmetics that you can equip while saving the people of Gotham City is the Talon Suit.  On this page, we will be guiding you through the full steps on how to get the Talon Suit in Gotham Knights. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Unlock Talon Suit in Gotham Knights

To get the Talon Suit, you need to find all of the 5 Talon caches that are hidden throughout the map of Gotham City. Below are the locations where you can find the murals in the game.

Location #1

The first cache that you can find is located in New Gotham. You can refer to the map location below for its location.

Location #2

The next cache is located in Historic Gotham. Go to the south area of Gotham City Hall and find the fountain. In front of the fountain, you should be able to see the mural on the wall.

Location #3

The third cache can be found in Financial District. Locate the tall building and go into its underground area. From there, you should be able to find the mural. Note that there are lots of murals in that area. So, just follow the sound to get you into the correct mural. You can also refer to the image below for the exact mural image.

Location #4

The fourth cache is located in North Gotham at the university located at the top left of the map. It is located at the very of the alley of the building. Refer to the map and cache image below.

Location #5

The fifth mural that you need to find is located in Lower Gotham. Just on the right side area of the fast travel point, go to the back area of the building and you’ll find the last cache to unlock the suit.

After getting all 5 caches, the Talon Suit should now be available in your account.

To equip the Talon Suit, simply go to your Gear > Styles and then click the arrow keys until you find the Talon Suit. Hit the Enter button to equip your new cool suit.