How to Join Early Access in Starfield

As one of the most anticipated space simulation games of the decade, Starfield has attracted a vast number of global gamers curious to explore the cosmic grandeur that the game promises. A golden opportunity for early access has thus sparked widespread interest among players eager to commence their interstellar voyages sooner rather than later.

The eligibility for the early access of Starfield, however, is not equally available for everyone.

Specifically, Early Access to Starfield is granted to only those who either own a copy of the Premium Edition or the monumental Constellation Edition of the game. These higher-tier packages, wrapped with many additional bonuses, signal Bethesda’s policy of rewarding the meticulous fans of the franchise who are willing to contribute more to the game’s development. It ensures that the most fervent supporters are the first to experience the awe-inspiring infinity of the cosmos that the game has been delicately crafted to simulate.

In addition to Premium and Constellation Edition’s owners, players who have purchased the Standard Edition but later opt for an upgrade to the Premium Edition also gain immediate access to the early version of Starfield. This upgrade option widens the early accessibility to a broader audience, catering to those who decided to engage more wholeheartedly with the game after their original purchase.

Starfield Early Access Start Date And Time

Contact from Earth to the farthest reaches of the galaxy commences on a well-defined schedule for those fortunate to have met Starfield’s early access eligibility criteria. The countdown begins, and the world holds its breath in anticipation.

Preparing for the thrill that this cosmic adventure offers requires knowledge of the official Start Date and Time.

Mark your calendars for September 1, 2023; this pivotal date marks the commencement of your interstellar journey as Starfield’s early access officially launches. Compared to the standard release on September 6, 2023, these exclusive few days provide early access players with a head-start, granting the privilege to navigate across the cosmic expanse before anyone else.

This initiative reflects the game’s developers’ commitment to nurturing a caring community that recognizes and rewards its most dedicated members. Indeed, while this lifespan may appear negligible in the grand scale of the universe, it symbolizes a special distinction conferred upon those who have shown their staunch support for Starfield.

Further specifics have been outlined by Bethesda to ensure that every privileged player can accurately plan their initial launch into the cosmos. Understanding that gamers are spread all over the globe, Bethesda plans to introduce the game to various regions according to different time zones.

This strategy is crucial in avoiding chaos and ensuring a smooth transition for the players into the universe of Starfield.

The exact starting times for early access in each individual time zone have been carefully calculated and provided. No player is left disadvantaged due to their geographical location.

Each eager astronaut will receive their boarding pass when the clock strikes the allocated ‘launch hour’ in their respective region.

This signifies Bethesda’s commitment to a fair and equitable gaming environment, where no player is overlooked or marginalized. It reinforces the notion that, in Starfield, everyone is a critical part of the engaging community, irrespective of their position on Earth.

Exclusions From Early Access

While Bethesda extends the early access privilege to Starfield’s biggest supporters, the game developers also make explicit the exclusions from this early boarding phase. Equitable as it tries to be, Bethesda had to draw a line somewhere.

Therefore, two primary categories do not gain early entrance into the cosmic expanse.

The Standard Edition and Game Pass version holders are the notable exceptions from the early access party. Those who bought these versions will witness the lift-off from the ground; their journey into the infinite universe is scheduled for Starfield’s official launch date, September 6, 2023.

They may have to wait a few more precious days, but the cosmic grandeur of Starfield will no less enthralling and vast for it.

This differentiation reflects the levels of contribution by each sect of the community to Starfield. It emphasizes the benefits of purchasing the higher-tier editions of the game, thus encouraging active contribution to the development and sustenance of Starfield’s universe.

Availability As a Separate Purchase?

Following discussions of early access eligibility and exclusions, another critical question arises—is it possible to purchase this early access separately? Sadly, Bethesda has not been forthcoming with a clear-cut answer.

The ambiguity leaves gamers in suspense.

As of the current information available, it is unclear whether early access can be obtained as a standalone purchase. It appears that, for now, the early access privilege is tied specifically to the Premium, Constellations, and upgraded editions of the game.

Bethesda’s silence on the matter has left many in the gaming community speculating, yet hopeful for a standalone early access option.

Until Bethesda provides a definitive answer, the Starfield community must wait and see what unfolds. This situation, while frustrating for some, only adds another layer of mystery and anticipation for the game’s upcoming release.

Suggestion To Wait For Bug Fixes

Amidst the excitement surrounding the early access, a voice of caution arises. Bugs and glitches, the perennial pests of software development, are always a possibility in the initial stages of a game’s launch.

An early glimpse into the vast universe of Starfield might mean encountering these unwanted blips.

In light of this, it might be advisable for players to wait until potential bugs are fixed before immersing themselves into the Starfield universe. Bethesda is renowned for its diligent debugging, and fixes for any initial glitches should appear quickly.

Nevertheless, it may still take time before the expansive playground of Starfield is entirely bug-free.

This suggestion prioritizes the players’ gaming experience. For those who prefer smooth and uninterrupted gameplay, it might be worthwhile to wait a bit longer, ensuring that their first voyage into the Starfield universe is unmarred by pesky software bugs.

Other Starfield Details

In contrast to the clarity provided on eligibility and the early access start times, Bethesda has been much less explicit on other essential aspects regarding Starfield’s launch. Two critical pieces of information that are still under wraps include download size and gameplay details.

Presently, no information is available detailing the download size for Starfield. With the game’s stunning visuals and intricate details, players are understandably anxious about how much it might tax their storage capacity.

An official confirmation regarding this issue will help players manage their system resources adequately and ensure a smooth installation process when the time comes.

Furthermore, Bethesda has kept gamers guessing about specific gameplay details. Despite revealed tidbits and previews, the full details of mechanics, missions, and possible variations in gameplay remain a mystery.

This gap has spurred a flurry of speculation in the gaming community, adding to the hype and eagerness surrounding Starfield’s much-anticipated release. While frustrating for some, it is undeniable that this information vacuum has only stoked the fires of fantasy about what lies beyond the known universe in Starfield.

The anticipation only adds to the excitement of the launch, making it an event to look forward to.

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