How to Make a Floating Fortresses in Townscaper

The snappy guide to making floating fortresses in TownScaper.

Step 1: Location

Floating fortresses must be built in a very specific area that either produces a perfect circular shape or a hexagonal shape. If the area has star patterns, you won’t be able to build one there.

Simply look around and place tiles until you discover the desired circular shape.

Next step!

Step 2: Make it float

Construct the base of your fortress like this:

Once you have set up the base, delete the bottom layer.

Voila! A floating fortress!

Step 3: Finishing touches

If you want to transform your floating fortress into a FLYING fortress, it’s easy. Starting from the floating base you just created, build a tower that extends straight up. Make it as high as you want your fortress to be.

Remember to delete those towers when you’re finished, otherwise, your floating fortress won’t have those neat little propeller things.

Abracadabra! You’ve built your very own floating fortress!

Feel free to shape it however you like, but remember to maintain the original circular shape to avoid spawning those unsightly scaffolds.”

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