How to Shove in Baldur’s Gate 3

Welcome, to the mystical realm of Baldur’s Gate! In this comprehensive Steam game guide, we will delve deep into the intricacies of a seemingly simple yet incredibly versatile ability: The Shove.


While many might overlook this maneuver amidst the flurry of spells and swordplay, mastering the art of Shove can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Whether you’re a seasoned Bhaalspawn or a fresh-faced recruit, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about maximizing the potential of Shove.

Understanding the Mechanics

First we will start with the fundamentals, what is Shove? A shove is a simple physical action involving pushing someone or something with force. Let’s take a look at the toolbar.

Shove sits tucked away in your toolbar from the moment you create your character, just waiting to be unleashed on the world. For the low price of a bonus action, you can do exactly what it says: target a nearby enemy and give them a firm shove. Shove doesn’t have any special requirements for it. It doesn’t need to be unlocked. You can always use it as long as you have a bonus action point.

To use shove, press the shove icon on the Hotbar or click the shortcut key of the icon.

Then select the enemy or ally or object you want to shove.

Whether or not the shove succeeds depends on your Athletics, but it will always work if you’re invisible or otherwise hidden. How far you can Shove a target depends on the target’s weight and your character’s Strength.

Tactical Applications: When and How

So, now that you understand the mechanics, let’s put them to use.

Push Enemies Off a Cliff

You may still be wondering, “but why would I shove my enemies?” How does a one-hit kill on any enemy, including some bosses, sound? Enemies will take a lot of damage when you shove them off a cliff because of the fall damage, if thrown from a high enough position or into a dark chasm it is possible to instantly kill the enemy.

As a result of our successful dice check, Skrut was sent flying off the cliff’s edge. The physics of the push, coupled with the terrain, are a guaranteed success. It was a poignant example of how environmental factors can significantly amplify the outcome of a seemingly simple action. The laws of physics worked in your favor, culminating in Skrut’s premature end.

How about the Nightwarden Minthara? Usually this is a tough fight due to her ability to constantly heal herself and the goblins that you have to fight alongside her. Not so for the shrewd shover. Lucky for us there is a bottomless chasm nearby and we’re going to put it to good use. After shoving all the goblins to their death, finally…

One little shove is enough for Minthara to never to be seen again making this fight extremely easy.

You can shove your way to triumph over many bosses. There is, regrettably, one issue with shoving that you need to be aware of: You can’t recover loot from enemies thrown into the abyss.

Repositioning enemies.

If your enemy is in a vulnerable position, shoving them could move them to an extremely disadvantageous position. You can push them into traps, like flaming ground, spiked surfaces, and more, using shove to deal extra damage or shove them closer to hazards. However, this requires better positioning to make it work.

In this situation we will make good use of Gale’s Mage Hand to shove our enemy closer to a exploding barrel setting up for another companion to make easy work of the enemy.

Protecting allies.

Shoving an ally might not be the most intuitive action in a game, but in certain scenarios, it can actually have strategic advantages. It’s best used to move them away from danger, especially if they’re out of movement and stuck in a disadvantageous position.


As the dust settles and the echoes of battles fade, you’ve emerged from this guide not just as a warrior, but as a true Shove Virtuoso. From the initial push to the final strategic maneuver, you’ve harnessed the underestimated power of Shove to reshape the course of battles, leaving enemies baffled and allies in awe.

Remember, the art of Shove is more than a mere physical action; it’s a mindset, a strategy, a means to reshape the battlefield to your advantage. As you continue your journey through the realms of Baldur’s Gate and beyond, let the lessons of this guide be a guiding light, a reminder that innovation and creativity can turn even the simplest of actions into game-changing triumphs.

So, as you venture forth, let the memory of these insights embolden you to face any challenge with an audacious grin and a readiness to push your way to victory. Farewell, dear reader, and may your path be as unyielding as a well-executed shove!

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