How to Solve Trial 2 in Keepsake

This guide is to help players solve Trial 2 without actually providing the answers of the puzzle. Instead, this walks through the logic of the puzzle so that players can find the solution on their own.

Levers To Trial 2

First, I want to say, if you are looking for the exact answer to Trial 2, you aren’t going to find it in this guide. This guide is to help you arrive at the solution yourself, by revealing some of the logic behind how the puzzle works.

But before I get into the puzzle, I have to mention the levers and the crash that can occur.

There is a chance while you are attempting to get to Trial 2 you are going to run into a crash. This isn’t part of the trial itself, other than trying your patience. From what I can tell from the error message it is due to a Steam achievement that was never hooked up in the game, so the game crashes when trying to give it to you.

Based on when the crash triggers, it likely happens when you have pulled 2 or 3 wrong levers in a row. There isn’t really any way around this, other than pulling the levers in perfect, or almost perfect, order. So you can either do trial-and-error and figure out the optimal path up and down the shifting stairs, or there may be some guides out there that give exactly what levers to pull in the correct order to get you through without crashing. As someone who made it through despite the game crashing, I can tell you it is possible to continue, even if it is somewhat frustrating at times.

Of course, this is all just busy work before getting into the Trial itself.

How to Work the Puzzle

Trial 2 is essentially a puzzle involving four riddles. There are two levers and two buttons that control this puzzle. The left lever rotates the base of the puzzle and switches between the four riddles. The right lever rotates the top of the puzzle and switches between eight different Rune books. The top button selects which Rune to use with the current riddle. And the bottom button resets the puzzle back to default settings, clearing all choices.

The Trial is solved when each riddle is matched with the appropriate Rune book at the top of the puzzle. When this happens, it will go into a video sequence, and no buttons need to be pushed.

But how does one solve the riddles?

The Riddles

Now, some of the riddles are not perfectly translated into English – there are some grammatical errors that make a few of them a bit confusing. But for the most part, the riddles make references to various parts of the natural world, such as: whispers in the night, hard as stone, or soft as moss, etc…

Some of the riddles are based on classics you might have run into in famous fantasy novels or other games with riddle challenges.

However, nowhere else in this game will you come across the riddles, or hints for them. And only a few Runes are used in other places for other puzzles before reaching Trial 2. There is no connection between how the Runes were used in the Garden, for example, and what role they play in this Trial.

The main thing to know is that while there are only four riddles, there are eight different Runes – and only one Rune is ever used for each of the riddles. Which means four Runes are used, and four Runes are not.

So the main part of the this Trial is figuring out which Runes to use. And to do that, it’s easiest to narrow the options down from eight Runes to four.

Narrowing Down the Runes

There are eight Runes that can be chosen for the riddles. What isn’t as obvious to figure out is that each Rune is part of a pair.

Top of the Trial is an octagon. As you rotate around, you’ll find that each Rune has a partner that is found across from them on the opposite side of the octagon.

In order, the Runes are:

  • Slund, the Spiritual Rune
  • Undar, the Water Rune
  • Aetern, the Celestial Rune
  • Dria, the Nature Rune
  • Gradion, the Energy Rune
  • Kyros, the Fire Rune
  • Nexan, the Movement Rune
  • Orlos, the Earth Rune

So, Slund is paired with Gradion, Undar with Kyros, etc… so now you have only four pairs to worry about.

Each riddle requires only one Rune from each set of pairs. So now that you know which Runes go together, it’s easier to look at the riddles and see which Runes could apply to the riddles. Some riddles are a bit more obvious than others, some you may have to try either Rune of the pair to figure out which one the game is looking for.

Hopefully this helps narrow down what you have to do for Trial 2, and removes some of the confusion or frustration you may run into when trying to solve this puzzle.

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