Coral Island

How to Unlock and Use Fast Travel in Coral Island

Coral Island fast travel is one of the most useful features that every player should take advantage of. With fast travel, you can easily move from one place to another without spending a lot of time walking and running. If you’re wondering how to unlock fast travel in Coral Island, this guide is for you. Read on as we guide you through the steps of how to get fast travel in the game.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Coral Island

To unlock fast travel, first you need to have access to the Lake Temple. The Lake Temple is located on the farthest northeast corner of the map. You can refer to the image below for its location.

To access this location, you need to find a shallow area where you can cross to reach the Lake Temple. This area is located just on the left side of the temple. Cross the shallow water until you get to the cutscene where you talk with a mysterious entity, who will also ask you to complete an offering at the altar.

Completing the first altar will allow you to unlock fast travel in Coral Island. This will give you the ability to travel between shrines, which are scattered all over the map. You need to find the following materials to complete the Essential Resources offers:

  • x10 Wood
  • x10 Stone
  • x10 Fiber
  • x10 Sap
  • x5 Oak Seed
  • x5 Maple Seed
  • x5 Pine Cone

You only need to use 5 materials so you can unlock the Recycling Machine. Once you’re done, click the button and wait until the cutscene is complete. This will also mark that you have already obtained the ability to fast travel using shrines in Coral Island.

How to Use Fast Travel in Coral Island

Now that you have already unlocked fast travel, you can easily travel from one place to another using a shrine. To fast travel, simply approach a shrine and interact with it. After you interact, the map will open where you can see white points where you can fast travel. Some of the fast travel points that you can easily unlock are located on your farm and diving pier.