How to Use Radios in Sprocket

The radio seems to be an often overlooked feature in this game, either due to the fact its just generally forgotten or the fact many of us sprocket players tend to use extremely large and heavy tanks.

However, for those of us who tend to use medium and light tanks a lot the radio can be the difference between running with your tail between your legs or absolutely wiping the floor with the enemy.

We’ll be using fields for most of this as its a map where using the radio can very easily make or break you and is also easier to see then others.

Things you should know

Ill put in here what I can think of for now, if I remember more I’ll add it

First off, when you are not in combat and in a formation, the other tanks will aim wherever you aim. This is absolutely exceptional because it helps you set up ambushes or allows you to be ready to bait enemies into attacking you first by having your aim set to where they are coming from. Better yet is that they still follow where you aim after you have started moving, and they still maintain doing this even if you tell them to halt.


There isn’t much difference between the 2, baiting being when the enemies haven’t spawned yet and you going to the trigger point which causes them to spawn and attack you, with your own tanks lying in wait. Ambushing being when they come at you and you set up a formation to attack them.

So, how exactly do you bait?

In the most simple form, its a beeline forward and backwards. Once the enemies spawn you reverse back to where you were.

Typically, during that strat, its more important to have a fast reverse then a fast speed going forward, so make sure your transmissions and engines are optimized! It could be the difference between a working tank and a burning tank.


Covering can be a part of both a bait and a normal attack. When baiting, they cover you until you get back to your tanks. In a typical attack, you will advance while they draw enemy fire

This one is attacking after they have drawn their fire

This one is attack before you have drawn their fire, thus being a flanking attack.

Types of formations and commands

The stuff that makes the stuff happen pretty much.

Also just to note, after you use, lets say, formation then halt, to get the tanks to work again you’d need to do the other formation to reset it.


Not all too special. The tanks line up behind you. Useful if your planning on being attacked before they attack you I assume.


This is the one that makes the magic happen outside of halt. Pretty much works for everything. The bread of formation and halt tactic.

Line is actually useful in ww1 because it keeps other tanks from being stupid and allows them to fire at enemy tanks and at guns

Everything on sprocket should have a model 1 tbh. lines form a V shape usually although tanks tend to screw it up and turn it into a goofy formation.


  • Pretty sure this command works, I just don’t know how to use it. I’ve tried it before with no luck, so if anyone knows, please tell us.


  • This forces tanks to hold position no matter what. Pretty much the butter of the the formation and halt tactic


  • This command works, its just rather goofy. It doesn’t force the ai to attack it seems, it just sets their behavior to be more offensive.


Sometimes tanks tend to bug out and inch forward non-stop after getting into formation. The only way to stop it is to issue a halt command

This is probably obvious but, you need an antenna to actually do anything, if not you get a 50m range

Assigning the radio role to the driver is usually better then having another crewmember

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