Hunter's Arena: Legends

Hunter’s Arena: Legends Update Patch Released

Developer and publisher Mantisco has officially rolled out the newest Hunter’s Arena: Legends update for Windows PC.

It’s just been a few days since the release of the Hunter’s Arena: Legends, but it seems that the developer has been really working hard to address the issues in the game. As seen in the release notes of this patch, version addressed some bug fixes and implemented minor game balancing in the game. Two of the characters that received the balancing are Aiden and Gyeonjo. Meanwhile, it is also worth noting that this patch makes some system changes. Learn more about the new update by checking the changelog below.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends Update Patch Notes

System Changes

  • Settings – Game Play > Mouse Inversion options have been separated to control by X-axis and Y-axis

Game Balance Changes

  • Aiden – After Aiden’s passive skill is activated, the attack will cast faster than before.
  • Gyeonjo – After hitting with Gyeonjo’s skill #1, adding 2nd and 3rd hits will now be easier.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug of Dara’s skill #1 attack not applying when used against the cliff.
  • Fixed an issue of Yoongeon’s skill #4, where Yoongeon’s soul did not show or Black Tiger Spectral Sword would be attacked from certain hits from the enemy.
  • Fixed the bug where Samjang’s skill #4 HP recovery was not applied.

Other Changes

  • Location changes of trees in the Training Grounds and Tag Arena.

Source: Steam Community