Industrial Petting – Best Glower Self-Sustaining Farm Setup Guide

After your farm is set up, the only item you will have to continually import is green goo. As simple as a Cuddler farm: green goo in, Glowers out.

Items Required

2 Gatherbot Garages

1 Pet Assembler

1 Little Elevator

1 Construction Cannon

1 Harvester


Junctions (and pipes!)

Glowbulb Seeds

Glower Recipe


1. Start by placing your cannon in a cleared, grassy field and take note of its range (the blue arc that appears only while placing the cannon).

2. Place your pet assembler and elevator close to, but not in the cannon’s range.

3. Then place fences around the assembler, elevator, and the cannon’s range. If your fenced-in area is too big, your pets will not see the elevator or yummy bulbs.

4. Add both Gatherbot garages just inside your fence.

5. Inspect garage 1 and change the filter to Glowbulb.

6. Change the filter on the garage 2 to Glowbulb seeds.

7. Place as many Glowbulb seeds as you can within the fence. While these grow you can finish the farm construction.

8. Place your harvester next to a Goo Dude and connect it via pipes and junctions back to the first import hole on your pet assembler.

9. Add pipes leading from your little elevator to your space elevator.

10. Add pipes leading from garage 1 to the second import hole on your pet assembler.

11. Inspect your pet assembler and change the recipe to “Glower”.

12. Add pipes leading from garage 2 to the construction cannon.


If you have not unlocked the Glower recipe yet, you can do so by capturing a wild Glower. A heart will appear over its head after eating a Glowbulb. I recommend placing a little elevator near them, and then destroying the elevator after the Glower flies in. This will save you the time of connecting pipes from the little elevator back to your space elevator. You can move items between you and the space elevator by inspecting it.

The numbers are arbitrarily assigned to the Gatherbot garages. The important part of this build is to direct the gathered seeds to the cannon and the gathered bulbs to the assembler.

If you find the small size of the farm unsatisfying, I recommend making multiple small farms instead of one big one. The cute, nearsighted pets don’t understand signs or arrows, so everything they need must be within their small field of vision.

When interacting with a Gatherbot garage you have the option to “drive” the Gatherbot. This is fun to do, but unnecessary.


Are all the pipes moving in the correct direction?

This is usually where I make mistakes. It is very easy to reverse the flow in any one segment of pipe.

Did you harvest all the goo from the Goo Dude?

I recommend checking.

Are your Glowers finding the bulbs and elevator?

If not, your farm might be too big.

Are there no ripe Glowbulbs for your Glowers to eat?

If so, change the filter on garage 1 to something irrelevant (like logs). After a few minutes your bulbs will be blooming again. You can change the filter back to Glowbulbs once the number of ripe bulbs outnumbers the Glowers inside the fence.

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