Journey Achievement Walkthrough Guide

Want to get the achievements without having to backtrack or play the chapters multiple times? You’ve come to the right place.

This is a list of all the steps you need to take to get (almost) every achievement, ordered sequentially. This means the steps are ordered so that it takes you to the next closest location where an achievement condition can be fulfilled while you progress through the game – saving you from missing achievements when you pass by a location without knowing and reducing the number of times you will have to replay the game.

Please Note

  • Since Journey is a game all about the experience, it would be best to use this guide for the second or third or fourth play-through instead of the first. The first play-through should be reserved for enjoying the game and seeing where it takes you. 🙂
  • I would recommend that you read through the steps first before you use the guide in-game. There are points at which I will link back to the other guides and resources listed in this chapter, and it will be difficult to manage playing the game, while reading the guide and following relevant links all at the same time.
  • A couple of achievements which will require further steps:
    • For the Companion achievement, you will have to travel with the same player for the majority of the game and return to the start. The easiest way to ensure this is to try to meet with a friend in-game, and the earliest area in which you can meet another player is The Broken Bridge area. Please refer to this Journey fandom wiki for various information and etiquette guides to arranging a meetup with a friend. I personally found the two included YouTube videos very helpful.
    • The Crossing achievement is similar to the Companion achievement, however where the Companion achievement requires you to travel for the majority of the game with the same player, the Crossing achievement only requires you to reach the summit with another player and return to the start. It should be possible to achieve Crossing when you receive the Companion achievement.
    • For the Threshold achievement, please refer to this YouTube video by Alucard, starting at the timestamp 3:22 for how to fly up to the first part of the bridge.
    • For the Return achievement, you will be required to play the game again after one week has passed. Set a reminder for yourself, come back and give it another play-through! 🙂
    • For the Wonder achievement, you will have to meet 10 unique travellers. This, in most people’s cases, means you will have to play the game several times and is the only achievement that this list will be unable to help with achieving – as it is down to chance how many travellers you meet across a single journey.

Establishing a Directional Key

If North is where the mountain (or if the mountain is not visible, then the destination of the section) is from any position at which the player stands, then while facing the mountain:

  • East is to the right,
  • West is to the left
  • and South is moving away from the mountain.


1. Head straight North past the tomb stones towards the nearest building. Get the first symbol which extends a bit of the scarf.

2. Head to the next small pieces of ruin littered around the area amongst tombstones, and collect the scarf magic. Following the pieces will gradually take you East.

3. Head to towards a building far to the East. Inside is the first mural – activate it.

4. Head North again towards a sunken area ringed by buildings. There will be a staircase to the right, with an area for the symbols you have found throughout the game so far. The first symbol you collected should already be lit.

5. Head down into the sunken area and onto the centre building. Climb onto the middle platform (which extends all the way around the building) and go left. Collect your second symbol.

6. Climb to the top of the centre building where there are long carpets emerging from the centre of the platform. Sing and this will release the caged carpets. Sing again to collect scarf magic.

7. There will be a glowing symbol (#3) on top of a platform to the side of the centre building. Leap off the building, fly there and get it.

8. Fly back to the centre building, get more magic and fly to the exit building, which is the one with the ornate gate and monument, with tombstones on either side of it. Sing at the monument and a cut scene will play.

9. If you are arranging to meetup with a friend, then now is the moment to coordinate the timing of your entrance into the next area. (Refer to the note about the Companion achievement in the “Please Note:” chapter for more information on how to make this work.) Then go through the now open gate.

Broken Bridge

10. While on the first section of the bridge, look to the East and you will see a symbol behind some rocks. Jump off the bridge, head East and collect the symbol (#4).

11. Look to where the first pillar of the bridge is: DO NOT sing/walk along the long carpet to activate it. Activating it will release carpets and build the first part of the bridge – DO NOT DO THIS, as one part of the bridge must remain incomplete to get the Threshold achievement.

12. Head North (towards the cliff on other side), activate a long carpet connected to a singular metal segment, keep heading forward. Activate a second long carpet.

13. By now, you should be next to a long metal structure made of many segments with long carpets on top. Activate the long carpets to build the last two parts of the bridge.

14. Look north and at the base of the cliff, you will see sand falls and another symbol. Head towards it, making sure to activate the long carpet slightly to the left on the way. Then collect the symbol (#5).

15. Under the bridge between the second-last and third-last pillar, activate two long carpets. You’ll see a third long carpet in the distance to the East of the bridge very close to the cliff. Head towards it and activate that too.

16. In the cliff, behind sand falls is another mural (#2). Activate it and head back out. Use the carpets to recharge and fly to above the sand falls next to you to get the next symbol (#6).

17. Head slightly South to the long metal many-segmented structure (these seem to be remnants of Guardians) and activate the long carpet for the middle part of the bridge.

18. Head South over to the first part of the bridge, fly up to the top using carpet magic and then cross to the other side. (Flying up to the bridge can be a little bit tricky – refer to the note about the Threshold achievement in the “Please Note:” chapter for more information on how to make this work.) You should receive the Threshold achievement. Sing at the monument and a cut scene will play.

19. If you have found a companion by this time, now is a good time to sit and meditate for 20 seconds to get the Reflection achievement. Then go through the now open gate.

Desert Crossing

20. Head straight for the mountain. Past the first dune, slightly to your left you will see a long carpet. Activate it and it will release a kite (#1). Singing to the kite will give you magic.

21. Head directly to the East. You will find a small pillared ruin with a long carpet and a symbol atop one of the pillars. Activate the long carpet to release another kite (#2), get the magic and fly straight up to get the symbol (#7).

22. Head directly North towards the mountain. Within a distance of 3 or so dunes you should look left find a flower at the base of the dunes. This will award you the Mirage achievement.

23. Head directly to the West. Once you summit the nearest dune, you will find another long carpet connected to a long Guardian remnant. Activate it and this will release 4 more kites (#3). There will be a kite you can ride here.

24. Head North toward the mountain. Past two dune, on your right you will see another ruin. Activate the mural (#3) behind the ruin walls.

25. Head to the left again and you will find a tall ruin with a smaller ruin next to it. At the smaller ruin, activate the long carpet connected to the long Guardian remnant and release more kites (#4). Use carpet magic to fly to the top of the taller ruin and collect the symbol (#8).

26. Head South away from the mountain. Beyond the dune behind the tall ruins there will be another small ruin. Activate the mural (#4) and the long carpet to release a kite (#5).

27. Head back to the tall ruins. Then head to North while keeping an eye to your right. There will be another circular ruin with a symbol (#9) at the top. Use carpet magic to collect it.

28. Head North toward the mountain. There will be a very large set of ruins. Get to the broken bridge at its base and fly to the first platform of the first tall building. Release the kites (#6) stuck in the windows on the way by singing and then use the kites to fly to the top.

29. Head across the bridge to the next part and use the platform to the right all the way around. When you reach the end of the platform, use a kite to fly to the top of the building where there will be stairs leading to the next monument. Before going up the stairs to the monument, head around the left side and find a symbol (#10). Sing at the monument and a cut scene will play. This will release some kites (#7) which you can ride toward the mountain. You should receive the Explore achievement for discovering all the kites in the desert.

Sand Surfing

30. This is the first sand surfing section. Try to slide through as many arches as possible. Halfway through (after around 5 arches) there is a bridge platform in the centre with a symbol (#11) at the end. In this section it should be possible to get about 4 to 6 arches.

31. You will reach a tunnel, and at the end fly out into mid-air. On your way down, there should be a symbol (#12) on a platform jutting out from the wall on the side you just flew out from. Collect it.

32. Fly down to the ground and activate all the long carpets in the vicinity (there are 4 of them). This will release kites and carpets from the centre platform.

33. Fly up the wall to the very back left of the area and you will find a mural (#5) you can activate.

34. Fly down to the centre platform again, then using carpet magic fly up to the opening in the wall going North.

35. Fly down to the other side and you will start the second section of sand surfing. Try to get as many arches as possible. Halfway through (after around 3 arches) there is a platform in the centre to leap off of and take you through a tunnel with a symbol (#13) at the end. It should be possible to get around 5 to 8 arches if you get the symbol in the centre. If you don’t get the symbol, more may be possible. You need to surf through 15 arches to get the Adventure achievement.

36. After you will enter a tunnel and pass through a beautiful area where the sun will be shining through the arches as you pass by them, followed by a section where you surf on a downward slope surrounded by many buildings. After which you will fly off an edge and end up falling deep down underground below some structures.

37. To the very left is a ruin with mural (#6) that can be activated. Activate it.

38. At the centre there is a monument. Sing at the monument and a cut scene will play. Then go through the now open gates.


39. Pass by two ruins and look for a tube on the left with one end resting on another tube and the other end buried in the sand. Enter the tube through the higher opening using carpet magic and collect the symbol (#14) inside.

40. Ahead there will be a large ruin with many tubes. Use the carpet magic to fly up into a tube on the right and collect another symbol (#15). While inside the tube, go left through an opening out onto another tube and fly off of it using the carpets to get to the next area.

41. Use the carpets and jelly fish to fly up high enough to collect another symbol (#16) from one of the jelly fish. Then using the carpet magic, fly into the next area.

42. Fly down into the pit. You will see a glowing piece ahead of you – this is a guardian head remnant. Once you go past the head, there will be a ♥♥♥♥-your-pants moment where a guardian bursts out of the sand and consumes a kite. In this area there are live guardians that can tear your scarf – which you need to keep intact while passing through this section to receive the Trials achievement. Once you pass the first section of this area, hug the left wall as much as possible as you move forward to avoid them. I define sections as parts of the area separated by large doorways which you have to stop hugging the left wall to pass through.

43. In the second section, just past the door and behind the first wall on the left is a mural (#7). Activate it and resume your path forward by sticking to the left.

44. In the third section, there will be a tube blocking your way which you have to pass through to continue. Take your time and ensure the guardian’s spotlight does not catch you as you enter and exit the tube. Continue your path forward by sticking to the left.

45. In the section right after, behind one of the walls with arches on the left side there is a symbol (#17). If you are walking very close to the left wall of the room and on the high part of the dunes, you will not see it unless you look towards the middle while making your way through the section. Collect it and continue your path forward by sticking to the left.

46. In the last section, you will have no choice but to travel right through the middle. In order to avoid detection, you can try to fly to avoid the spotlight to some degree. (Alternatively, you can refer to the “Trials” chapter of the guide by Script that I have linked in the “Please Note:” chapter for another method of avoiding detection.) If you fail to avoid detection, just try to get to the tower ahead of you. If you make it without having your scarf torn, you should receive the Trials achievement.

47. At the tower, there will be a tiny carpet to the right of the tower. (I don’t know if this is an achievement.)

48. In front of the tower there is a monument. Sing at the monument and a cut scene will play. Then go through the now open gates.

Tower Room

49. There are many murals in this area and activating them raises the magic mist which allows you to collect magic and fly. The magic mist rising can also activate these murals. However these murals are a depiction of your journey thus far (as well as what you will have to face up ahead) and do not count towards the achievement. Activate the first one directly to your left. Then fly up and to the left towards the first platform attached to the central tower, now lined up with the surface of the magic mist. Atop this first platform you will see a symbol (#18). Collect it.

50. Continue to fly to the left along the platforms attached to the outer wall of the tower room until you reach the next mural. Then activate it and continue.

51. Fly through the raised mist and use the jellyfish to fly above the mist to a room which runs through the central tower. Walk through and continue to use the jellyfish to fly to and activate the next mural.

52. Continuing on to the left and just below the level of the mural is a symbol (#19) inside a room. Fly down into it and collect it. Then continue to fly upward.

53. There will be a small opening along the outer wall at the level the mist is at. It leads into a secret room with a symbol and a mural which does count towards the achievement. Activate the mural (#8) and pass behind the first long carpet starting on the left side of the room to find a symbol (#20). Collect it and continue.

54. Fly up out of the mist to another room which runs through the central tower. You will find the final symbol (#21) in the centre. Collect it while walking through and then jump into the mist and make your way to the whale. You should receive the Transcendence achievement.

55. Use the whale to fly up to the next non-achievement mural and activate it.

56. Continue the rest of the way up using the newly generated carpet bridges and activate the last mural. This should allow you to travel all the way to the top of the central tower. However, don’t travel all the way up just yet.

57. Travel all the way back down through the mist to the bottom-most room which runs through the central tower. Inside you should now be able to find a strange creature made of glowing symbols swimming around. You should receive the Ancestors achievement. Make your way all the way back up to the top of the central tower.

58. At the top of the central tower there is a monument. Sing at the monument and a cut scene will play. Then go through the now open gates.

Snowy Mountain

59. Some ways up the mountain, just before the broken bridge, you will climb a set of stairs that lead to a room set into the mountain wall. Inside will be a lantern. Activate it and use it to fly up to the room above and activate the mural (#9) there.

60. Once you enter the section with the Guardians patrolling, keep your eye on the left side of the section. There will be a path leading off to the last mural (#10). Activate it and you should receive the History achievement. This is the last section with an achievement you must actively locate.

61. Continue on through the following sections and the area should end with a cut scene after you eventually pass out from the cold during your trek up the mountain.

The Summit

62. After the cut scene, you will be able to fly all the way up to the summit. If you had made the journey with a friend or another player thus far, be sure not to lose them – as it is all too easy to lose them in this section. If you do lose them, try to meetup again on the very peak of the mountain at the start of the corridor before you walk through to the light. Then proceed to walk through to the light on the other side.

63. A cut scene will play in which you retrace your path through all of sections you travelled and return back to the start. The names of the companions you travelled with should show briefly before the menu screen shows again. You should receive the Rebirth achievement. If you crossed the summit with another player, your should receive the Crossing achievement. If you had been travelling with a friend or another player for the majority of the journey, you should also receive the Companion achievement.

You made it to the end!

If everything went according to plan, by this point you should have all the achievements with the exception of:

  • Wonder – Meet 10 or more unique travellers.
  • Return – Start the journey again after a week long break.

You can see the notes I made about those two achievements in the “Please Note:” chapter.

This guide about Journey was written by booklan. You can visit the original publication from this link. If you have any concerns about this guide, please don't hesitate to reach us here.