Katana ZERO – How to Unlock the Secret Boss

To access the hidden boss fight with the Psychiatrist in Katana Zero, you must meet specific requirements. Although the game features tough battles and formidable adversaries that can defeat you with a single blow, the Psychiatrist encounter is an extra challenging and lengthy fight. It is a part of the game’s intense storyline that remains concealed until certain conditions are met.

The Location And Role Of The Psychiatrist

Throughout Katana Zero, the main character, Zero, meets an NPC referred to as the Psychiatrist multiple times. These meetings occur in the Psychiatrist’s office and function as interactive cutscenes. During these scenes, the Psychiatrist will pose a series of questions to Zero, with multiple response options available in the dialogue. Following the interview, the Psychiatrist administers Chronos, a significant drug in the game’s plot, and assigns Zero his missions. Although little is known about the Psychiatrist, he periodically calls Zero on the phone and will reveal personal information if treated with respect. It is implied that he is a prominent government official.

Towards the end of the game, the Psychiatrist is one of the final characters that Zero interacts with, and the outcome of their encounter depends on Zero’s behavior. The Psychiatrist will either transform into a boss character to fight Zero or be beaten to death by Zero without player input.

Getting The Psychiatrist To Fight You

To initiate the Psychiatrist’s boss battle in Katana Zero, players must intentionally anger him by selecting aggressive or rude dialogue choices highlighted in red during conversations. Several specific actions are necessary to provoke him, including hanging up the phone on him multiple times during the Factory Hideout mission, demanding medication without small talk during sessions following the Murdower Hotel mission, and refusing medication and questioning him about drugs in subsequent meetings.

Players must also kill all police officers during the Mutual-Nil Prison mission and use an offensive dialogue option (“♥♥♥♥ you”) in the session before Chinatown. After completing the Bunker mission, the final session with the Psychiatrist will feature a four-phase boss fight, triggered by the Psychiatrist injecting himself with a special drug and growing increasingly monstrous. Each phase will provide a checkpoint.

How To Defeat The Psychiatrist

To defeat the Psychiatrist’s final form in the boss fight, you need to wait for a tentacle holding his body to appear from a ground portal, hit it three times, and the boss will be defeated. The boss fight has four phases, each with a different form and attack pattern. In phase one, you need to dodge or attack the long arms that shoot out of portals. In phase two, you need to strike the energy balls that clones shoot at you. In phase three, you need to destroy multicolor eyes that appear around the room. In phase four, you need to react quickly to avoid three distinct attacks and wait for the tentacle holding the Psychiatrist’s body to appear to defeat him. After the fight, you can search the body and desk for the “New Mecca Government Key,” which allows you to access the Government Lab area and upcoming DLC missions.

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