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Kingdom Anime Season 3 Release Date Announced

Kingdome Season 3 anime has just been announced along with its premiere date.

Initially reported by YonkoProductions on Twitter, Kingdom anime is finally getting its third season. Kingdom was first aired in June 2012, followed by the second season that was released in 2014.

Unlike the other anime out there that are popular worldwide, most of the Kingdom’s fan base are found in Japan. In fact, the Kingdom is one of the anime series that can compete with My Hero Academia.

Kingdom / Shin

Now, Studio Pierrot has officially announced the Kingdom Season 3 and is planned to release on April 2020. Details about the series are yet to be revealed but similar to the other anime series, Kingdom Season 3 will continue the story based on the manga timeline.

Are you ready to follow Shin and his journey in the Kingdom Season 3?

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