Last Oasis

Last Oasis Update 1.1.29462 Patch Released

Publisher and developer Donkey Crew has rolled out the newest update for Last Oasis. The new update carries patch version 1.1.29462 which aims to address minor bugs and issues in the game.

The Last Oasis update 1.1.29462 has been rolled out on Monday, May 11th, focusing on fixing the inventory and armor issues. Apart from that, the new update also includes Last Oasis’ stability and performance improvements. Check out the detailed changelog below.

Last Oasis Update 1.1.29462 Patch Notes

  • Fixed inventory sometimes disappearing on login.
  • Fixed stairs having incorrect armor.
  • Improved performance and stability.

Last Oasis version 1.1.29462 is now available for download on PC.

By Earl Stewart

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