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League of Maidens – Beginner’s Fishing Guide

This guide will be covering the details about fishing in the League of Maidens game. If you’re one of the players who are still getting familiar with the fishing mechanics in League of Maidens, this guide is for you.

League of Maidens Fishing Guide

If you haven’t heard about it yet fishing in this game is a lot like Black Desert Online in some ways. Mostly the way that you should leave your character on all night with your game windowed and minimized fishing to make you massive profits at the cost of doing nothing on your part.

To get started you will need to visit any general store. There’s one in the lobby of the UNDC. You’ll need the rod for 100k gold. That probably seems like a lot if you’re just starting out, but it will pay for itself very shortly. You will also need 1 fishing permit for every 1 hour you plan on fishing – those are 2500 gold each. Do not buy bait here. Wait until you have access to Santonia Island.

League of Maidens

Once you have access to Santonia Island the fishing vendor there, which at the time of writing is the only one in the game, has premium bait which is 50 gold each. From 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, I had 999 premium bait x 3… one stack had 85 left. So if you ever wanted to know how much you need, that’s it. Plan for about 2 bait spent per minute, or roughly 1 bait every 30 seconds. Probably best to compensate a bit just to be safe so you don’t run out. You’ll use it eventually anyways.

Before you get started fishing you will want to dump all your materials and other valuables into your storage. You’re gonna need the room. Once you do that, ask around discord or in-game and see if anyone knows where the high-quality fishing spot is for the day. Or go searching to find it yourself, though it’ll cost a permit for every attempt that is wrong.

Once you find the high-quality spot interact with the O at a fishing location (like training ATK/DEF) to start fishing. Feel free to the window and minimize your game to save computer resources overnight, or during your workday.

If you’re further along in the story and want to fish better you’ll have to go to the small island north of the main island once you’re on episode 5 of the main quest to do the 5 part quest with the Trainer guy on that island with the blue? above his head… each step costs like 10k shards and will probably take like half an hour of fishing. They just pay 10k shards then catch this quest fish, which takes about half an hour more or less each step. Along the way, you’ll get a medium rod then the final one you get the pro rod. It makes a huge difference.

With pro rod at the high fishing spot… I got like 30 stacks of (15) premium catches +4 (454) @ 600 gold each. 8×20 (+1 so 121) large catches at 400 gold each. 69 medium catches at 200g each, and 6 small catches at 100g each. So the premium catches net 272,400, the large 48,400, the mediums 13,800, and the smalls 600. That’s a grand total of 335,200 overnight doing literally nothing. 914 premium bait at 50 each 45,700. 12 permits at 2500 are 30k. So 75,700. Though the first 2 hours of fishing I already sold the catches before keeping track of the fish so there’s probably a good 30k more I made.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about fishing. There’s an initial investment to be sure but it pays itself off very quickly and you start making tons of passive profit.

Guide by Evil Neato.

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