List of Terminal Commands in Lethal Company

In Lethal Company, players must use the Terminal to visit moons, buy items, or check the Bestiary using commands. Here are all the commands and how to use them in Lethal Company.

How to use the Terminal in Lethal Company

To use the Terminal in Lethal Company, you must access it by pressing the E key. After accessing the Terminal, you can use the Terminal to access the Store, Bestiary, or Storage using commands. To use a command, type it into the console and hit enter. The following listed below are all commands you can use in Lethal Company:


The Moons command provides a list of planets players can visit, including the Company Building. To use the Moons command, type it into the console and hit enter. After hitting enter, type the name of one of the Moons listed below (without the hazard level) to travel to it. When you type the name of the Moon you want to travel to, follow it up with confirm or C in the Terminal.

  • Vow Hazard Level C
  • Experimentation Hazard Level B
  • Assurance Hazard Level D
  • Offense Hazard Level B
  • March Hazard Level B
  • Rend Hazard Level A
  • Dine Hazard Level S
  • Titan Hazard Level S+
  • Company Building or Com


The Store command lists items players can buy in Lethal Company. To use the Store command, type it into the console. If you want to buy an item, type the item’s name into the console and then Confirm to purchase it. If you want to cancel a purchase, type Deny instead. To find information on an Item, type the item’s name followed by info. For example, Pro Flashlight info will display information regarding the Flashlight.


The Bestiary is a page that players can visit to find information regarding various monsters in-game. To use the command, type the monster’s name into the command after opening the Bestiary menu. To open the Bestiary menu, type Bestiary and hit enter.

View Monitor

View Monitor displays a radar map of a selected player on the Terminal. To use the command, type View Monitor, but if you want to switch the player the Monitor is watching, type Switch.


Scan displays all items that are on the Moon you are visiting. To use the command, type Scan and hit enter into the Terminal console.


The Ping command will play a sound if you place a Radar Booster down near a Main Entrance in Lethal Company. To use the Ping command, type Ping followed by the name of the Radar. For Example, Ping Freddy or Brody will successfully ping the Radar Booster.

All Secret Commands and Easter Eggs in Lethal Company

You can type several secret commands in the Terminal In Lethal Company. Typing words that start with the first three letters of a lore entry you haven’t found gives a corrupted or overwritten error message. Another secret command is typing the first three letters of a creature entry you haven’t found yet. Typing the first three letters of a creature you haven’t found gives a message that states no data has been collected on the creature, and a scan is required. Misspelling or typing any command incorrectly also gives a unique message that states you typed the command wrong.

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