Loretta Achievement Guide and Tips

This guide will describe how to get all the achievements of this game. Most of them are pretty simple, but I still described how to get them. The guide includes a few spoilers, so please check it out after you’ve finished the game. If you have any questions, emotions, etc. while reading this guide, feel free to write about it in the comments!

Ace in the Hole

Try to poison Chambers

As soon as Loretta pours the water in the glass for the obese detective, you should walk next to the poison and use it.

The only good Rat is a dead Rat

Get the rat

Once Lo is descended down to the basement (for the first time), you should choose curious actions: look closer, try to get.

Out of the Past

Check the jewellery box

For this one it is necessary to open the jewellery box on the second floor, passcode: 646

The New Beginning

Start a New Life

Loretta shouldn’t add the poison to Walter’s meat.

Act of Violence

Walter’s dead

That’s a plot achievement, it cannot be missed.

A Cure for Wellness

Take the medicine

After Loretta murdered her husband, she should take the outdated drugs, which are in the bathroom drawer (there is a white door on the second floor opposite of Walter and Lo’s room).

Red is Dead

Kill Margo with the shovel

Lo only needs to tell Margaret that Walter is in the backyard.

Dead End

Don’t give the letter to the Sheriff

That achievement is a piece of cake. When the Sheriff asks Loretta for a letter, she should shove a letter knife into his throat.

Dead man’s hand

Find a key

There is nothing to add, just a plot achievement. Receive as soon as Loretta takes the key from Chambers’ hand.

Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Find a nest

In the basement, Lo will tell that she has to find an axe in the barn. Go to the barn (it’s in the backyard) after Loretta finds the axe – you need to go straight ahead, to the stairs. Then, climb up and take a look at the second floor. There will be absolutely nothing except the nest.

NB: If instead of a basement you found an elevator (as happened in my first walkthrough), try to replay this chapter. Honestly, I don’t know what triggers the alternate view of the basement with the search for two fuses, cause I’ve only had it once, and all the next times it was just a normal basement. Murdering people has no effect on it.


Kill Chambers

For this achievement, Loretta MUST NOT kill Kelly and her boyfriend, but must kill the obese detective (Chambers). This will be noticed by the farmer and you will get the achievement.

Shadow of a Doubt

Learn the truth about the land

As soon as possible, select the “learn about the land” action.

Touch of Evil

Kill Kelly

Simply while Kelly’s haircut is in progress, need to select the red dialogues (as soon as they appear). Then, there will be an ability to kill her, if the last question is “How strange”

Kiss Me Deadly

Kill Mickey in elevator

While chatting with Mickey, Loretta should flirt (purple phrases). The opportunity to slay him will only appear if Lo has killed Kelly before.

Bury Me Dead

Kill Mickey with cleaver

While talking to Mickey, Lo needs to be aggressive, so choose brutal (red) phrases.

Spiders In My Head

Run away

The achievement will pop out for killing the Sheriff (if Lo killed Kelly and Mickey as well as the greasy detective using a shovel).

The Wrong Man


Kill Fitzgerald

After Loretta finds out that the manuscript was stolen, there will be a chance to talk to Fitzgerald. Pick the red choice and she will murder him.

Lightning Strikes Twice

Shoot a Sheriff

Loretta needs to slay everybody that she can, as well as shoot the detective with his revolver. In Margaret’s house, select only aggressive options (the red ones), and after a Sheriff shows up – shoot.

The Big Sleep

End in the gas chamber

For this ending, Loretta must also kills each character and shoot the detective with a revolver, but at Margo’s house, once a Sheriff arrives- she should give up.

I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling

Get the Winter Ending

Lo doesn’t need to kill people for this ending. That’s right, even the morose detective and the trashy Margo.

The Narrow Margin

Find a grave

Loretta shouldn’t murder the private detective. She must listen to him and then let him go. That is how Lo will find out where the babygirl is buried.

Woman on the Run

Get the ending with the fire

Loretta should not kill anyone, except a private detective. At Margo’s house, it needs at first to choose only positive, comforting options for Margaret, and after the “voice of reason” tells Lo to slay Margaret, Lo needs to shoot.

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