Lunch Lady

Lunch Lady Update 1.0.2b Brings More AI and Difficulty Tweaks

It’s just been a few days since the official launch of Lunch Lady developed and published by Manic Mice. The release of this new game immediately caught the attention of many co-op survival horror video game fans. While many are enjoying the game already, it seems that there are some who have been experiencing some in-game issues.

Fortunately, the developer has immediately addressed these concerns by releasing the newest Lunch Lady Patch 1.0.2b. This new update is focused on addressing and tweaking the game difficulty and AI.

Before the release of this update, many players are noticing that Lunch lady is getting stuck in cafeteria on hard mode. This issue has been addressed in patch 1.0.2b and the Lunch Lady will now continue chasing you. Apart from that, some in-game glitches have also been fixed in this update.

To know more about the complete changes, feel free to browse the full changelog below.

Lunch Lady Update 1.0.2b Patch Notes

  • Lunch Lady won’t get stuck in cafeteria on Hard anymore.
  • Toilets shouldn’t make her stuck anymore.
  • Lowered her speed even more.
  • Added performance and stability improvements.
  • Other minor under the hood fixes.


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