Majesty 2

Majesty 2 – Unlimited Trading Post and Temple Glitch

Are you tired of being a poor man? Do sluggish and broken gameplay, small trading posts, the AI that’s dumber than the mule, and the new God-awful temple system bother you? Well, this glitch can reduce your pain a little bit.

Before we start, please note that this glitch is working as of making this guide. In case you tried it in the future and can’t make it work, there’s a chance that the developer has already patched this glitch.

Majesty 2 Trading Post Exploit

You need a good Trading Post place, a Market and some money to do this.

First, pick the available construction zone of the Trading Post.

Majesty 2

Now click the Space bar on your keyboard to pause the game.

Majesty 2

When your game is paused and the zone is picked, you can see a trading post-construction icon at the bottom right corner. Just click on it and don’t unpause the game yet! After this, click again on the trading post zone, it still counts as empty, so you can build more trading posts by clicking on the icon.

You can repeat this as many times as you want. The second you unpause the game, all the trading posts you ordered will appear there (Inside of each other). Please note that constructing dozens of trading posts in the same location could freeze or crash your game.

Majesty 2


  • You may want to upgrade 2 or 3 of the posts so that they can protect themselves.
  • If you unpause the game, your game may lag for a few seconds, that’s normal and you don’t have to worry.
  • The construction price of the future trading posts will hit the sky until the others have been demolished. The price depends on how many trading posts there are.
  • During construction, you will lose control of your peasants, as most of them will be busy building trading posts. This ensures that your other buildings will be more vulnerable for a few minutes.
  • The gold produced by Merchant Caravans varies between the trading post and the marketplace.
  • These Trading Posts are highly vulnerable to enemies who are capable of causing AOE damage. You might have to rebuild trading posts multiple times, particularly in the last mission.
  • You will not be able to select most trading posts, but you can select them from the notification tab for one time.
  • Multiple caravans will arrive from the trading posts when they’re ready. This makes a big difference to your profits.

Majesty 2

Majesty 2 Temple Exploit

They absolutely annihilated and nerfed the nice temple system from the first game, but this opened a nice exploit for us. It’s pretty much the same thing as the other one. First, locate a suitable site for the temple and get ready to make a big investment (Temple costs start with 3000). This one is going to be incredibly useful in the last mission, in fact, the Temples themselves are only useful in the last mission.

How to do it?

First, click on the holy ground, pause the game, create a temple from the bar that appears in the bottom right corner.

Majesty 2

Second, select the holy grounds again, create another temple without resuming the game. Then repeat the process as many times as you like.

You may have a hard time selecting the temple you want if you create too many of them in the same place. The Temple of Dauros appears difficult to choose when it is constructed on the same ground as the Temple of Helia.

If you don’t want to gamble this, be fast and pick Construction Complete: Temple To X notification once it’s done and queue everything. If you skip this notification, you can still recruit temple-specific heroes by promoting them to other heroes such as Paladins Warriors, Helia Archers Rangers, etc.


Majesty 2

The Temple of Krolm, Fervus and Krypta was built on a single holy ground. They can all be quickly picked.

Majesty 2

The Temple of Helia, Agrela and Dauros was built on a single holy ground. Impossible to choose Temple to Dauros.

Majesty 2

2 holy grounds and 6 temples. Obtain the rewards and bonuses from both of the bonus objectives during the final mission.

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