MARK’S LIFE Achievement Walkthrough Guide

Can’t you get all the achievements? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. Ok, before I get started, I want you to know that this is a great game, so don’t focus only on getting all the achievements, but on enjoying the whole story.


October 7th

When you go to college for the first time, go to chemistry class, and then go to the restroom, you will have to interact with the guy who is sitting on the toilet.

Basketball Player

October 8th

In college, after chemistry class, you gotta go ahead toward the right side and you’ll see a Basketball ball, you have to throw it 13 times.


October 9th

When you have to go to the roof to think about the accident of the day before, you will see a bird coming, after thinking go to the bird and it will fly.

Sad Girl

October 9th

When you have to go to the College, enter the College Hall, and then move towards the left corner and enter the classroom, you will see a girl in the right corner, and interact with her.


October 14th

When you are in the hospital, agree to take the pill the nurse gives you.


October 15th

When you are in the Supermarket doing your shopping, go to the left side and interact with the girl who is having trouble with the supermarket cart.

Night Bench

October 16th

Sit on the beach that is next to the apartment after the party.

Missing Cat

October 18th

After the funeral, interact with the cat on the bench, then go to the phone booth instead of the apartment and interact with it.

Cat’s Yard

October 18th

After doing the previous achievement, move to the right corner and enter Cat’s Yard.


October 18th

Just stay AFK for a while in Cat’s Yard.


October 18th

After doing the “Meow” achievement, go to the apartment, put the bag and key, have dinner, then go outside and next to the bench next to you and take the note.

Night Cemetery

October 18th

After doing the previous achievement, go to the graveyard instead of going to sleep and sit next to the girl.

The last achievement

In order to get the “100% Complete” achievement, you have to interact with everything everyday.

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