Mask of the Rose Achievement Walkthrough Guide

I split the tips into three categories: hint, guidance, and instruction, to help players familiar or unfamiliar with this type of choice-based visual novels find their way to achievement. To avoid spoiling the plot, see the instructions in Part 1 and use with caution. Mask of the Rose’s achievements are definitely worth doing, and the game’s various ending lines are well written.

Process Achievements

You will easily get these five achievements once you finish the game.

Recalled the Fall of London.

You can get it soon after the game starts.

Experienced the Season of Confessions.

You will get it after you finish the first week in the game.

Experienced the Season of Yule.

You will get it after you finish the second week in the game. The full time of the game is a week of confession season + a week of Yule season + a day of Rose Festival.

Experienced the Season of Rose.

You will get it after you finish the last day in the game.

Forger of Bonds
Make a meaningful connection in London.

It can be unlocked by forming a lover, lover, or friend with anyone. (I”m sure the lover can unlock it.) Shortcut: Milton, just two meetings. The first time when you meet, remember to wear the flower brooch, choose flirtatious at the end. Then, meet him the next day, express your feelings and trigger the encounter.

Interactive Achievements

The first two achievements help the player establish character awareness, make initial contact with character relationships, and unlock possible character quests.

Confessor → Understand the favorability mechanics of the game
Censurious → know almost all the characters

Important advice:

  • When you are meeting people except Mr.Page, it is best to wear flower brooch( badge could not help build the relationship).
  • When you meet Mr.Page, of course it is best to wear the badge to improve the relationship between you two.
  • You can consider selecting friendly options and special options provided by brooches, which can increase the characters’ liking for you quickly, and unlock the their quests faster (see what you can do for…). Also, high liking enables you to ask for more things in a single inquiry for your case.

Censusious achievement is best to be done during early rounds because it helps the player quickly build character awareness, expose them to possible personal quests, and thus speed up the investigation since you already know various characters and is able to predict help that they could obtain from them.

Reminder: if you are able to get clues from the first tip, then you do not have to see the second tip and the third tip.

Experienced a Halloween confession.

Hint: There is a message in the game that mentions a person who is responsible for Halloween decorations. It is also a person that you can get clues to the case from.

Guidance: 1. Ivy, 2. trigger with high favorability, and 3. question her after you build the case story in the second week

Instruction: Meet Ivy within the first week. You can open the location by doing Horatia’s census or letting Harjit lead the way. When you first meet, wear flower brooch instead of the badge, choose friendly options, trigger the relationship selection mechanism, choose to be friends. At the end of the conversation will trigger the relationship mechanism again and choose to offer friendship.

The second week of the investigation begins, make the case story . You can choose to leave the motives blank to trigger questions about xx’s motive. Then go to her to ask questions and pay 2 pounds or use friendship to get her to talk. At the end of the conversation, it triggers a confession event.

Finished Mr. Pages with all possible censuses.

It can be done together with the next achievement: Suited and Booted.

Hint: 1. Some characters’ quests can lead to new locations and new characters. 2. It is best to open the location first week to meet most people and make the censuses (to save time). The census option may not pop up when some characters are newly acquainted after the investigation case begins in the second week.

Guidance: New location cave leads to 2 characters. Help the priest leads to 1 character. 1 new character will join your house in the second week. The new spot unlocked by helping Harita or Milton leads to 2 characters.

Instruction: 2 demons, 3 family members +1 stone man who joined later, 3 in Landaus house, 1 patrol officer, 2 merchants, 2 former city survivors in caves, 1 priest +1 Reginald who you can making the census after helping the priest to get him back.

Priest: Meet a priest with the flower brooch, select the friendly option. Then open the page and click ‘see what you can do for…’. If the option does not appear by clicking on the church location on the page, it indicates that the favorability is not enough.

A small tip: Check the expressions on the character when you two first meet. If he/she smiles less, it indicates that your favorability with her/him improves too slowly due to your choices. You can consider go back to the main page before you two finish the conversation,and read the file to start again.

Suited and Booted
Collected every hat and torso item in the game.

Hint: “Buy”, “buy” every hat and torso item. All censuses give you enough money to buy all the hats and tops, and you can even remain a bit.

Guidance: Purchase everything in Ivy’s and Ferret’s stores, including hats, wigs, and torso items.

Full Line Ending Achievements and Hidden Achievements

The ending achievements could be splitted into 4 lines .

The first line is to get help from higher level persons, which includes 2 end achievements and 1 hidden achievement that you can get during the process.
The second line is to break the jail, which includes 1 end achievement and 1 hidden achievement.
The third line is to find the murder, which include 3 end achievements.
The fourth line is 1 special end achievement. It is also linked to the case but it is a completely different direction compared to finding the true murder line. So, I take it out separately.

Note: The ending line achievements can only be unlocked after the Rose Festival and reading the characters’ epilogue.

A small tip: do not wear department badge to see people. Best wear the flower brooch to meet for the first time. It is best to choose “census is my own idea” choice which increases the favorability quickly along with special options provided by the flower brooch.
It is totally fine if you don’t wear it. But if you do, it will make a couple of characters like you less when you first meet.

Intervention Line

The Last Bill
Ended the game with a surprising revival of legal precedent.

Hint: Keyword express: ‘Bill’. A character’s quest. You are familiar with this guy.

Guidance: It belongs to the intervention line of three lines (finding the real murderer, getting the intervention, and breaking out of prison). Maintain a good connection with Griz and take his personal quest.

Instruction: Choose the friendly option every time you two meet.
tip: Choose the joke option for the first meet. Do not exclude her when archie wants to talk. Thank her after meeting Mr. Pages for the first time. Wear the flower brooch and make her census. Respond kindly when she talks about her own backgrounds. She will mention her quest to you. If she doesn’t, choose ‘see what you can do for…’ to trigger her quest. She will ask you to lead her way to the parliament location. Lead the way for her and finish every quest she asked.

Open the parliamentary location method:
The first method: help Mr. Pages complete 7 census, be friendly with him and do not doubt when you get answers from him each time at the end of the meet. After 7 times there will be a relationship selection mechanism, choose to be a friend/lover, etc. He will take you to see the parliamentary site.
The second method: After get Griz mission, let Harjit lead the way, it will cost 4 pounds.

Note: It’s best to meet Theophilus the first week, take the census and improve your favorability (choose friendly options).

Hell Hath Such Fury
Ended the game with an infernal solution to a legal conundrum.

Hint: Hell, one character’s quest

Guidance: help Virginia, another branch of the intervention line

Instructions: 1. Wear a flower brooch when meeting demons for the first time, always choose the friendly option and the special option provided by the brooch. Wait until the end of your first meeting with Mr.Pages, choose to ask the question on the map (saving time), and then open the location page and select “See what you can do for Virginia” to open the character quest.
Process: Answer the map – make her story — get permission from her — meet Mr.Pages – ask for her intervention
2. For the story, focus on portraying Virginia as a strong leader of the resistance. If you are interested in the truth, obtain the Milton’s opinion and submit the story in Milton’s presence (Virginia will reveal more information).
3. After Virginia successfully gets the ambassador position, a new option appears on the map for the House of the Devil: ask her to intervene. If you had already helped Virginia on the day he was arrested, the option immediately came up at the end of the day: Maybe Virginia could help. Click and then finish the Virginia line)
4. After asking for permission, she will give the new exclusive tools of hell to commit crimes. Make youself the murderer when forming the case. The method is what she gives, the hell poison. The motivator can be David. Then submit the case to Harjit. Virginia will appear on the court.

“You can communicate with demons, make friends with demons, and even experience intercourse with demons.” But doing business with the devil? Some kind of private business with a huge price? Well, you’d better not think about it at all.”
“The price is not something you can afford.”

Hidden achievement # 1:

Showed carelessness in the matter of your soul.

Hint: The name and the sentence are explicit.

Guidance: 1, Soul , 2. Hell

Instruction: Unlock it with the hell achievement. In the Hell intervention ending line, after asking Virginia for help, when Virginia asks you to pay the price, choose to pay your soul.

Jailbreak Line Achievements

Ended the game with a profusion of small and unexpected friends.

Hint: “a profusion of small friends”, one character’s quest

Guidance: Ferret. Keep a high favorability with him, trigger his talk, and then go all the way down. It is the Jailbreak line among the three lines.
(don’t forget to select the jailbreak option)

Instruction: 1. In the first week, meet ferret, make his census, and choose friendly options along the way. If he smiled without saying a few words, then the questionnaire selected “No gender question”, then “Actually I don’t care much about this question”, (if he looked unhappy, try another option). Finally the relationship selection mechanism appear. Choose to be friends (choosing not to be his friend is also okay).
2. The next day choose “See what you can do for him” and he will introduce you to his mouse friend, be kind to the mouse, and then make up the story of the mouse, and if it is put together correctly, a sentence will pop up on the story page, and there will be an exclamation point at the church, and then give it to the priest (choose the option that can help the mouse).
3. Then start piecing together another story, go to the location of Mr.Pages select the library to explore information, focus on the mouse, unlock characters saints and a series of fillable options. Spell the story: Left saint, right mouse king, piece together successful points to propose a bullet conclusion, and then see the priest ready to give the mouse baptism.

Small tips: 1. Whether you trigger the relationship selection mechanism or not can be used as a tool to check the character’s favorability for you. If it is high, it will pop up choices to be friends, lovers ,etc.
2. If the story is pieced together correctly, hover over “Submit” and you will see that the option is not lit. And when you try to click, it prop up a conclusion. If the piece is not correctly put together, hover over the “submit” and it will have a bright edge that enables you to click.

Hidden achievement # 2:

Underwent a surprising transformation.

Hint: A small branch choice of the jailbreak line

Guidance: change the direction of the second story

Instruction: The previous processes are the same as the sanctuary achievements. The changing option is on the second story. Put the mouse king left, a mouse right and do not involve the saint. Submit the story to Ferret, and then during mouse baptism, choose to join the baptism.

Murder Line Achievements

Note : If you can choose not to check the guidance and instructions, then do not look at them. Try your best to find the murder based on your understanding of the characters and relationships between characters.
The reason is that the pleasure obtained after clearing the clues of the case can only be obtained by your own exploration.
If you read the instruction part I gave you, your experience of the game will be significantly reduced. Because all the instructions I gave are just shortcuts.

If you feel that the investigation is very difficult, I suggest that you finish the above achievements, explore the quests of each character, build your impression of the characters and become familiar with the character relationships. When you have finished these and start the investigation for the case, you will the case becomes much easier.

The investigation of this game is based on your understanding of characters and relationships between different characters . If you are not familiar with these two things, it is normal that you could not find the real murder. Just relax and take your time.

Ended the game with justice, perhaps, being performed.

Hint: The achievement statement clearly states that it is the line of finding the culprit.

Guidance: 1. Sources: Ferret, David, Phoebe, 2. Pieces together the case to pop up questions about motive and questions about the method

Instructions: 1. Complete the censuses of David’s family in the first week, as well as Phoebe’s census and Ferrit’s census. It is preferable to maintain a high favorability with them (it enables you to more questions about the case during one conversation later).
2. At the beginning of the second week, you can start to piece together the case, randomly select all the blanks on both sides, select unknown method at the top to pop up “Questions about the method of the crime”. On the site of the page, a new exclamation mark will appear at ferret, click the new option, and meet to talk about the problem of arsenic.
3. Then meet with David, and if you maintain a high favorability rating, ask all the questions at once, and choose all the questions.
4. Piece together the case again. Method is the arsenic candle, the left is Phoebe, and the right is David. Fill every blank part and click submit.
5. Then, the location of David’s house appears new options for you to ask, first meet David to talk about Phoebe’s motive. Then click on another new option about Phoebe, ‘accuse her’, Phoebe will confess something.
6. And then, finally, update the story (the candle, Phoebe”s motive(love), behavior(treat the Davide)) The motivator person is David. hand over the case to Harjit.

As for why the name is acceptance: of course because it is a half-true ending, she is not the real murderer.

The Impostor Synod
Ended the game with an unexpected but necessary ceremony.

Hint: The previous processed are the same as the last achievements. However, there is a small quest that needs to be completed. The sooner you finish piecing together the case, the better.

Note: follows the same line as the previous achievement above. When you choose the condemning / confronting Phoebe choice, Phoebe asks you to do a favor. Promise to help and get her a priest. Finish the Theophilus’s mission.

Guidance: After agreeing to help Phoebe’s, go to the priest and pay attention to the choice of questioning when communicating. You need to force out the priest’s confession on his problem.
Then negotiate with devils. You can choose your closet as the price. Go back to see the priest, and then go to the devils to ask them to return the treaty. Pay four or five pounds and go back to see the priest and finish his quest. Then, hand over the case to Harjit.

Once again, the name of the achievement is a reminder. The real murder is someone else.

Ended the game by helping someone enter the hereafter correctly.

Hint: ‘ascension’, ‘enters the hereafter’ The hidden quest of one character. Think about which character is often involved in the story, but his/her own quest seems to be a little short. Also think about a clue about the case that you obtain in the early process of the case.

On the other hand, it depends on how well you know that character, if you’ve been a friend or a lover with that character and you’ve heard that conversation, you might be able to realize who the character is.

Guidance: 1. A demon. The Virginia’s request have been done, so naturally, the one left is… 2. Think about what clue you get when you dig up the body. When later questioned one person, this person will answer “He/She saw someone doing something.” There will be part of the sentence that coincides with that clue. It provides a new optional option when you piece together the case 3. Ivy, asking about the motive of an unlikely person

Instruction: 1. See Milton in the early stage, maintain high favorability, click to see what you can help. Ask harjit to lead the way and unlock the underground cave to meet two new characters.
(If you are not familiar with their quests, do not finish the task they give you.)
(There are branches in their quest, and if you fail to gain enough favorability from one of them, they will split up and you will have to find one of them, which will take you several time)
2. When digging up the body, keep looking at the body until the sigil clue is found. The process in the first stage of the investigation is the same as the last achievements (Ferret, David) . Piece together the story, pop up the questioning means, question the motive, and click ferret to get the arsenic candle means.
3. Click on ivy to pay 2 pounds or utilize your friendship. Listen to her talk. Piece together the case again, leave the motive of culprit blank and choose the culprit to be a maybe impossible person, such as archie. Then ask Ivy about the motive and she will mention that she saw Milton doing something with the sigil.
4, Piece together the story. The left is Phoebe and the right is Milton. Complete the story, Then the House of Demons presents a new option: challenge Milton.
Note: It must be the “challenge” option, which proves that your story is pieced together in right direction. The other options like “interrogate” or “confront” are not what you have to click. If the challenge option hasn’t come out, it’s probably that you still short of clues. You can continue to ask David and Phoebe about the case.
5. Milton will tell the truth, but asks you to help him investigate his last death. He’ll put a few exclamation marks on the map, don’t bother to check all of them. Go straight to the cave to see the Barqujin, ask about Milton, give the information back to Milton, go to the cave with Milton, go through the process. Finish Milton’s mission. Then give harjit the case and listen to the truth about the case in court.

Well, somebody finally gets what he/she wants.
What is interesting about this end is that this is a win-win end, which is rarely to been seen in case story. The writer really did a good job in this end.

Special Line Achievement

This achievement has nothing to do with any route, a very special ending. The whole process from the start of the investigation to the final trial is different from culprit line and any other lines.
It inherits some of the mysterious atmosphere of the previous games such as the Sunless Sea.

Ended the game with a surprising reunion.

Hint: The entry point is very difficult to think of, and you must identify an unlikely person as the culprit.

Guidance: 1. Related to Archie and May , 2. need to complete two small quests for Harjit , 3. recall the past to find Lucian, 4. reduce the favorability of archie for you and identify archie as the culprit

Instructions: 1. Start with criminal background (other background can also achieve the achievement, some special options from this background can drop the favorability quickly), choose unfriendly options with archie
2. Wear the flower brooch to see Harjit, click the choice to wear the hat, click on the thank you option provided by the flower brooch, present the census question as your own, ask if there is any change about the information, promise not to tell anyone, listen to his story, click on the special option about wiping tears (or offer solidarity) , mention the person may still be found, trigger Lucian photo event, click on you recognize it.
If it is not triggered, it means that the favorability is not high enough, you can choose to read the file again, or ask him to lead ways for several time. During each conversation, be friendly and compliment him.
3. Go back to the house and click to recall the past, recall Lucian. If it does not appear, choose one choice randomly and recall the memory the next day (the first choice will be about Lucian). Then choose to see if there is anything you can do for Harjit. For preserving the memory, you can ask Mr.Pages or Milton for help, then tell Harjit about what you found. Also submit your memory of Lucian to Harjit. As you reminisce, you can also recall your memories of archie.
4. After archie is caught, if the likability is low enough + criminal background, the third option is ‘archie has a high probability of being guilty’, choose the last one. The page will open up new exclamation points about archie, such as Finding evidence of archie’s guilt. The day David woke, the Journal will open a new quest, ‘archie may not be himself’
5. Piece together the story, archie’s motive is that he may not be himself, wait for the moss to appear, treat moss kindly to open its quest, choose ‘see what you can do for Moss’ in the page and follow his quest. Find harjit to help find someone.
6. When you find May, there will be a new option about Archie, choose it.
If the choice does not jump out, read the file. It possibly means that the choice you chose is not firm enough to lock Archie as the culprit.
May gives new clues. Updates the story. The motive of Archie is he may be dreaming. Submit the case to Harjit and enjoy the trial.

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