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Mihawk May Not Be Zoro’s Last Opponent in One Piece

Zoro is the vice-captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Before joining the pirate crew, Zoro is a bounty hunter, hunting down pirates for money. However, things have changed when he meets Luffy and invite him to become a pirate.

At first, Zoro declined Luffy’s offer but with his situation during that time, he has no choice but to join Luffy. All of the members of the Straw Hat Pirates have their own goals. Luffy wants to become the pirate king, Sanji wants to see the All Blue, while Zoro wants to become the strongest swordsman.

One Piece Zoro vs Mihawk

Before the Straw Hat Pirates entered the Grand Line, Zoro meets Mihawk who is considered as the strongest swordsman. There’s a duel between Zoro and Mihawk and as expected, Zoro easily got defeated. As a result, Zoro oath that one day, he will surpass him.

Lots of things happened especially during the time skip when Zoro asked Mihawk to train him. Mihawk initially rejected Zoro but after passing his test, he accepts Zoro as his student.

Knowing that Mihawk is currently the strongest swordsman, many believe that he will be the last opponent that Zoro will be fighting. However, that could not be the case as Eiichiro Oda seems to have a better plan for Zoro.

In an SBS show, One Piece author has been asked who will be Zoro’s last opponent before the series ends. Eiichiro sees it as a good question which makes him think about it. Knowing that details from the author, we can assume that Dracule Mihawk won’t be the last opponent for Zoro.

One Piece Shiryu

Theories about Zoro’s more character development surfaced online such as Mihawk getting killed by one of the enemies. Most of us agree that the last pirate crew that the Straw Hat Pirates will be facing are the Blackbeard Pirates.

The Blackbeard Pirates consists of the formidable crew led by Marshall D. Teach. Each crew members have their talent and one of them is Shiryu, who murdered Absalom for the Clear-Clear Fruit. Shiryu is a bloodthirsty psychopath who enjoys killing people anytime he can which is the reason why he was thrown to the 6th level of Impel Down.

There’s a theory that Mihawk will be facing Shiryu in the future. Of course, these two individuals are powerful enough to kill each other. With Shiryu’s ability and skills, he might kill Mihawk during the fight. The news of Mihawk’s death will reach Zoro and knowing that he was his mentor, Zoro may take action to avenge Mihawk. Of course, this fight will be seen before the One Piece series ends.

One Piece Gorosei

Of course, Shiryu is not the only powerful swordsman in the sea. Let’s not forget about the Gorosei as they are also powerful enough to take down Mihawk. Apart from the Blackbeard Pirates, the Gorosei is also another suspect to be the last opponent of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Who do you think will be Zoro’s last enemy? Will it be Mihawk? Or someone who killed Mihawk?

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