My Hero Academia Chapter 213 Spoilers, Predictions, and Release Date

My Hero Academia

We’re getting close to see Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 213, and before it officially releases, we’re gonna discuss things that happened and may happen in this chapter.

The previous chapter of My Hero Academia gave us a glimpse of another potential talent of One For All. According to the former wielder of One For All, Midoriya needs to continue his training to use this power. While the details are still unknown, it seems like Deku is the first user who managed to reach this level. Upcoming My Hero Academia Chapter 213 may reveal more about this power.

Knowing the fact that One For All is a quirk that can be passed down and will improve every generation, the previous chapter hints that the quirk has its own life. In any case, Midoriya suffered devastating damage from his own power. Most likely, this will lead to winning of 1B. As we all know, Deku is the ace of 1A and without him, chances of winning are low.

My Hero Academia Chapter 213 is also expected to reveal more details about the former wielder of One For All. Chances are that he’s there to help Midoriya improve his overall performance. Meanwhile, it seems like Gran Torino is busy due to the League of Villains. Previous chapters suggest that the evil group will finally return.

For Boku no Hero Academia who are following the latest manga, it’s sad to say but the new chapter is not coming this week. It will officially release on January 21st along with the next Weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue.