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My Hero Academia Chapter 276 Delayed, New Release Date Revealed

Kohei Horikoshi just dropped another chapter for Boku no Hero Academia manga series. The latest Chapter 725 features the continuation of the Shigaraki’s return during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. Along with his return, things become out of control for the heroes and it seems that they will be having a hard time taking care of the threat in front of them.

My Hero Academia Chapter 275 Recap

Shigaraki has finally acquired All for One and in the previous chapter, he already used one of the stolen ability called Search and Regeneration. From there, he was able to located Midoriya who is the current owner of the One for All quirk and at the same time, heal himself from Endeavor’s attack.

The main villain of the manga series quickly jumped and headed to Midoriya hoping to take his quirk. Deku, who also felt the incoming threat, decides to lure Shigaraki and told his allies including Endeavor that he could be the target of the enemy. The number 1 pro hero doubted what Deku said but with Shigaraki’s direction, Midoriya’s report seems to be accurate.

Deku along with Bakugo managed to lure the enemy but they were caught off guard when Shigaraki suddenly appeared in front of them. Shigaraki is about to touch them with his decay but fortunately, Gran Torino appeared and save the two students. Gran Torino told Deku and Bakugo that the Shigaraki in front of them is the one that they can beat right now. He also said that there are still lots of heroes around to help them and the villain won’t be able to beat them all.

Meanwhile, Eraserhead was also spotted in the area and curious why Midoriya and Bakugo were there. Eraserhead spotted Shigaraki and said that he will be stopping him with his quirk. He also cleared that he will avenge his friend Oboro Shirakumo. While the quirk of Eraserhead is pretty useful to stop Shigaraki, it seems that the villain is unfazed. Will there be a head-to-head match against Shigaraki and Eraserhead? Let’s find out in the upcoming My Hero Academia Chapter 276.

My Hero Academia Chapter 276 Release Date

Unfortunately, Deku fans will have to wait a little longer as Boku no Hero Academia will be taking a break next week. That being said, the My Hero Academia Chapter 276 has been moved its release date on June 28th along with the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue #30.

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