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My Hero Academia Chapter 304: Gathering of All Users of One For All Quirk

Boku no Hero Academia manga author Kohei Horikoshi has released another epic chapter for the series. As the aftermath of the fight against the villains continues, heroes are now facing more problems.

In the last few chapters of My Hero Academia, we got to see some of the main supporting characters for the series such as Midoriya’s classmates, Endeavor, and other pro heroes. While things seem to be getting worse, My Hero Academia Chapter 304 temporarily stops the action as it features the meeting of all the previous users of One For All Quirk.

One For All’s Meeting Inside Izuku’s Dream

Toshinori Yagi was seen in the first spread of Chapter 304. From here, we got to see him sensing the presence of One for All. The scene moves to Midoriya’s dream where we got to see him speaking the predecessors of One For All Quirk.

2nd and 3rd One For All Users Appeared

The chapter also features the first appearance of the 2nd and 3rd user of One For All Quirk. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see their faces as the chapter only features un-silhouetted form and their faces are still covered.

4th One For All User Name Revealed

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 304 also revealed the name of the 4th predecessor of One For All. The 4th One For All user is named Hikage Shinomori, who confirmed that he died due to his age, and not fighting the villains.

At the age of 40 years old, Hikagame Shinomori died, and it was revealed that it was due to One For All Quirk breaking his body.

One For All Destroys the Users Body

As the meeting continues, the One For All users realized that the One For All Quirk is too powerful to handle for someone who already has their own Quirk. Unlike previous users, All Might managed to hold the Quirk for 40 years due to the fact that he’s Quirkless when he received One For All.

Izuku Being the Last One For All User

As the chapter is getting close to the end, the users also predict that due to the number of Quirkless people is getting really low, Izuku Midoriya may end up being the final successor of One For All Quirk.

Nana Shimura Asked if Izuku Can Kill Tomura

The last spread of Chapter 304 features Nana Shimura, the seventh user of One For All Quirk, if Izuku Midoriya can kill her grandson, Tomura Shigaraki.

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