Simhaesu Manhwa Review – A Waterworld Full of Potential

Well, the post-apocalyptic world is one of my favorite topics to read about, and I’m very interested in what the story of Simhaesu, also known as Leviathan in English, is like, a world where everything is consumed by water and people’s only chance of survival is on the surface of their boats that serve as homes.

The interesting thing is that in order to survive, the characters must sometimes travel to the part of the world where civilization once existed. This type of exploration in search of supplies and collecting parts that can be used to build weapons or even improve the durability of boats is something I really enjoy.


The story introduces us to three characters with whom we will ostensibly travel on this tense and frightening journey, but in the first chapters, the protagonist’s father abandons us, and he didn’t even have much time to be developed. I know that in stories like this, someone will eventually die in the beginning, and that’s exactly what happened. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I think a lot of people dislike seeing a character with who we barely had time to empathize with. But we all know that in post-apocalyptic works, we don’t have time to form attachments to any of the characters.

There is also the issue of the characters having to collect rainwater because they are completely surrounded by saltwater or go through the desalination process, which, as everyone knows, is a time-consuming process.

To promote desalination, thermal distillation, also known as evaporation, mimics the natural cycle of rain. Seawater is heated by energy, which can be either fossil or solar, and thus changes from a liquid to a gaseous state. I think it’s incredible to see this in games, books, and movies, not to mention that the work gives us the impression that we are the characters themselves.


The characters are one of the work’s strongest points, charismatic and intriguing, and I hope they continue to evolve with each chapter. Kana is already a character who I believe will become one of my favorites in the work.

Ah, the manhwa art is wonderful in many ways, each panel is very well detailed, the character design is also very well detailed, and if you count the “Sea Monsters,” each one has a unique look, one more bizarre than the other, experiencing despair/distress and discomfort, not to mention some reactions when they suffer from eye damage.

The story has the potential to become one of my favorites, and when it comes to the post-apocalyptic world, I am very excited to see where it will go, and I hope it continues to surprise me.

If you like artwork with a post-apocalyptic theme, I think you should look into Leviathan. Also, I just want to share that this Manwha reminds me of the movie titled “Waterworld” back in 1995.

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