My Summer Car Achievements Walkthrough Guide

This guide will be showing you how to get all achievements in My Summer Car.

100 km

Odometer starts at 100000 km, your odometer must be 100100 km for this achievement.

1000 km

Odometer starts at 100000 km, your odometer must be 101000 km for this achievement.

10000 km

Odometer starts at 100000 km, your odometer must be 110000 km for this achievement.

Party Time

Drink Bottle of booze

Case solved

Drink all the beers in the blue case

Golden steam

Pee on the sauna stove until it steams.

Poor people go away

Spend over 2,000 mk in the shop.

You have a new friend!

Pick up the night caller from the bar and drop them home successfully.

Responsible citizen

Successfully pass the car inspection (get license plate).

Money well spent

Fail the car inspection

Welcome to Finland

Turn the buttons under the sauna at home, wait for the sauna to heat up and use the sauna

A true hillbilly

Visit Teimo’s shop with the tractor.

An idiot

When the market is open, break the glass with no shelves behind it. (It will take 2760mk from you for breaking the glass)

It runs!

Successfully collect and run satsuma

Grand Theft Teimo

Break the window of the market at night.

Ultimate survivor

Drink your urine (urinate while looking up)

And it is gone!

Open permadeath and die

I am coward

Open new game with permadeath turned off

Proud to be mortal

Start the game with permadeath turned on


Put the Jonnez ES in a usable car and go to the store

Yeast festival

Make and drink kilju

Mr. Kilju

Put 1 yeast 6 sugar in bucket wait 2.5 hours (real hours) and sell it to jouko.

Granny’s little helper

Deliver what grandma wants

You have a computer!

Buy a computer from the advertising flyer in the mailbox and set it up on the table in your room.

Satsuma GT

GT your stock satsuma

Bad Guy

Go to jail and successfully free without dying


Take your grandma to church.

I’m glad it worked for you, I’ll add new achievements here as I unlock them.

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