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NBA 2K23 Alley-Oop | How to Perform

Making a cool move in NBA 2K23 is one of the most enjoyable things in the game. One of these moves is the alley-oop, where you pass the ball to your teammate or yourself to make an epic dunk. But how can you perform an alley-oop in NBA 2K23? Continue reading to learn the exact steps to making a successful alley-oop in the game.

There are several types of alley-oops in NBA 2K23. This includes the self alley-oop, passing to a teammate that will perform an alley-oop, and what we call the bounce pass alley-oop. Here’s how you can make these cool moves in NBA 2K23.

Alley-Oop to Your Self

To perform a self alley-oop, you only need to tap a few buttons. Before performing an alley-oop, make sure that your character is sprinting. Then, double-tap the lob pass button on your controller. This will initiate the alley-oop for yourself.

However, note that there’s a chance that this will perform the regular alley-oop, which will pass the ball to your teammate. If you’re having a hard time making a self-alley-oop, the court is always open for you to practice on.

Alley-Oop to Your Teammate

To become a good teammate and provide support, you also want to give your teammate a chance to make a basket. While sprinting towards the basket, double-tab the lob pass button while moving the left analog stick towards the teammate who you want to receive the ball.

Please take note that you should time the alley-oop pass as your teammate may miss the ball if you pass it too early or too late. We recommend that you perform the alley-oop pass while your teammate is near the basket.

Bounce Pass Alley-Oop

Another alley-oop trick that you can do in NBA 2K23 is the bounce pass alley-oop. To perform this alley-oop, you should tap the pass and bounce pass buttons at the same time while moving your analog stick towards the receiver. If you’re playing the game on PlayStation, click the X and Circle buttons at the same time.


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