Noble Fates Update Patch Notes

Noble Fates, the popular simulation game, has just released its latest update, version This update includes several bug fixes and improvements, including fixes for conversations, adventures, crises, ownership, the tutorial, floors, third person mode, digging, arches, items, visitors, animals, and the camp fire.

Some of the notable changes in this update include the ability to show all reactions that will take effect, improvements to the top of mind feature for mortals not in the player’s kingdom, better indication of why the Ruler cannot participate in an adventure, and a raised bar for the Butcher Crisis. This update also includes improvements to structure detection in the tutorial, the latching of arches to existing structures, and the prevention of hunting or taming rabid animals.

Overall, this update for Noble Fates brings a host of bug fixes and improvements to the game. If you’re a fan of Noble Fates, be sure to check out version and see all it has to offer. Be sure to restart the game and steam to pick up the update.

Noble Fates Update Patch Notes

Minor Update

  • Do not prompt for the same response multiple times in the same conversation
  • Show all reactions that will take effect
  • Expand scope of top of mind for mortals that aren’t part of your kingdom


  • Prevent Ruler participation when there’s an imminent Raid
  • Better indication of why Ruler cannot participate in an Adventure
  • Crises (Butchering, Ambushing, etc)
  • Raise bar for Butcher Crisis
  • Don’t include Reactions of the dead
  • Don’t include Reactions of serfs


  • Show reason why Rooms/Buildings cannot be given out
  • Show Owner (or lack of owner) on all non-player Props


  • Improved structure detection (Thanks for the report!)


  • Upgrading a floor no longer drops items through it (Thanks for the report!)

Third Person

  • Prevent arrows stuck in someone from blocking targeting in third person


  • Dragging over hidden terrain roofs no longer queues dig downs when layered


  • Improve latching of Arches to existing structures


  • Items will now properly stay on the tables they drop on to


  • No longer help mortals who are in an active battle


  • Prevent Hunting or Taming Rabid Animals

Camp Fire

  • Remove work queue“`Restart the game and steam to pick it up!