Nordic Warriors

Nordic Warriors PC Keyboard Controls

This guide will show you the complete list of Nordic Warriors controls for PC. Nordic Warriors is a real-time strategy game published by Mashmashu Studio. In Nordic Warriors, players will be able to experience endless fun and action while defeating the horde of the undead.

Nordic Warriors Controls

Note that you can change and modify these default Nordic Warriors keybindings in the settings section of the game.

Pan Camera ForwardW
Pan Camera BackwardS
Pan Camera LeftA
Pan Camera RightD
Orbit Camera LeftQ
Orbit Camera RightE
Camera OrbitMiddle Mouse Button or Tab
Zoom InMouse Wheel Up
Zoom OutMouse Wheel Down
Camera ResetZ
Full Camera Reset\
Stop AttackSpacebar
Hold PositionH
Unhold PositionG
Attack GroundCtrl
Heal / Plant MineR
Increase Game SpeedNum + or C
Decrease Game SpeedNum – or X
Reset Game SpeedV
PauseEsc or P
Formation Preset 1F1
Formation Preset 2F2
Formation Preset 3F3
Formation Preset 4F4
Formation Preset 5F5
Formation Preset 6F6
Formation Preset 7F7
Formation Preset 8F8
Formation Preset 9F9
Formation Preset 0F10
Formation – LineNum 1 or Alpha 1
Formation – Double LineNum 2 or Alpha 2
Formation – Chess LineNum 3 or Alpha 3
Formation – Half CircleNum 4 or Alpha 4
Formation – TriangleNum 5 or Alpha 5
Formation – BoxNum 6 or Alpha 6
Formation – CircleNum 7 or Alpha 7
Formation – Hollow BoxNum 8 or Alpha 8
Left Mouse ButtonLeft Mouse Button
Right Mouse ButtonRight Mouse Button
Show / Hide MinimapB
Show / Hide HP BarsF
Quick SaveAlt + /
Global ChatEnter
Team ChatShift + Enter
Nordic Warriors Controls

And this is everything you need to learn about the Nordic Warriors controls and shortcuts. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any suggestions to improve this guide.

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