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One Piece 975 Spoilers Sees Supernova Trio In Action

Eiichiro Oda’s upcoming One Piece Chapter 975 spoilers and raw scans leaks online. For One Piece fans, seeing the spoilers before it officially releases is a usual thing. If you don’t want to get spoiled, we recommend stopping reading from here. Below are the leaked One Piece manga Chapter 975 spoilers from Reddit.

As revealed in the spoilers, the upcoming chapter titled “Kinemon’s Smart Trick” will be focusing on the current timeline.

Luffy, Kid, and Law make their move and destroys all the ships that are threatening Kinemon and the others. During the chaos, Kyoshiro makes his appearance and revealed his true identity. By fooling Orochi while gaining the trust of his underlings, he jumped in to join the samurais.

The leaked spoilers also revealed that the previously sunken ships are all fine. He decided to make this move thinking that Kinemon misread Yasu and suggests that there’s a spy on their side. He still continues to hide his identity to protect himself against Orochi and their plans to raid Onigashima. Read the full leaked One Piece 975 spoilers from here.

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