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One Piece Anime Teases Sanji’s Raid Suit

One Piece anime is currently in the Wano Arc and fans now excited to see an epic fight of one of the strongest members of the Straw Hat Pirates. Following the emotional events in the Whole Cake Island Arc, Black Leg Sanji is about to get the spotlight in One Piece anime.

During the previous One Piece arc, Luffy and the others infiltrate Big Mom territories to take back Sanji. The Vinsmoke Family and Big Mom make an arranged wedding between their families. However, the Vinsmoke were betrayed and revealed that Big Mom only wants their technology to increase their army and power.

With the help of Luffy, the Vinsmoke’s were saved and as a return, they decided not to pursue the alliance with Big Mom. They even helped the Straw Hats to escape the island. Vinsmoke’s technology is exemptional. As seen in the previous arc, non-devil fruit users have their power increased while using their technology. Thanks to the power of Raid Suits which enhanced their abilities.

One Piece Germa 66 Raid Suits

All of Vinsmoke Judge’s children have their own Raid Suits, including Sanji, who received his Raid Suit during the arc. Sanji having his own Raid Suit was revealed during their way to the Wano Country.

While fans don’t have any idea how the Raid Suit will improve Sanji’s power, the latest One Piece Episode 925 preview shares a glimpse of its technological power. The upcoming episode will feature the overall transformation of Sanji while using his Raid Suit. Sanji will be fighting Page One in the upcoming episode and it’s likely that fans will be seeing more of the Raid Suit’s ability.

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For One Piece enthusiasts who are not reading One Piece manga, the upcoming One Piece anime Episode 925 titled “Dashing! The Righteous Soba Mask!” will surely give you all the actions that you wanted.

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