One Piece Kaido

One Piece Confirms Yonko Kaido’s Hybrid Form

One Piece Chapter 1003 has just arrived and fans are caught off guard with the epic action in the new manga issue. The manga chapter covers the continuation of the fight between the two Yonko and the new generation of pirates.

The manga debuts with the series of strong punches of Luffy to Kaido. Coated with the new form of Haki, Luffy managed to bring a lot of damage to the Yonko. However, it seems that Kaido still has a lot of power not being shown as he easily stands and also launched his attack.

The drawbacks of the series of attacks of Luffy has kicked in, making Luffy weak. With Kaido’s attack, Luffy was almost eaten but Zoro rescued him by slashing the thick and strong scales Kaido. Yonko Kaido acknowledged his attack and determined that Zoro is using the sword that Oden used in the past.

Meanwhile, the manga also sees the appearance of CP-0, the world’s strongest intelligence agency, in the Land of Wano. Their objective is still unknown and that’s what we have to wait in the next few chapters of the manga.

Going back to the battlefield, One Piece sees Kaido getting another transformation. Luffy, Law, and Kid were shocked upon seeing Kaido’s new appearance. As stated by Law, it seems that Kaido has officially transformed into his hybrid form.

The end of the One Piece Chapter 1003 features the two Yonko as they are getting more interested in their fight against the members of the Worst Generations.