One Piece Chapter 944 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 944 Spoilers and Raw Scans: Zoro and Sanji Attacks

Following the hype of the previous chapter, One Piece manga is back again bringing more breathtaking events. If you’re one of the fans looking forward to the upcoming chapter, here is the One Piece Chapter 944 spoilers and raw scans.

Before we start, please be reminded that this article contains spoilers for the upcoming chapter. The author or the website does not take part in creating or leaking these spoilers as they are found from different websites and was posted here for the chapter discussion.

One Piece Chapter 944 Spoilers

The appearance of Sanji and Zoro in the previous chapter surely marks the beginning of the revolution. In Chapter 944, we will be seeing Kyoshiro saving Orochi after getting an attack from Zoro.

X Drake later transforms into his Zoan form which is a dinosaur and attacks Sanji. Orochi’s subordinates attack Zoro but Franky showed up covering Zoro from the bullets. The other Straw Hat crew who are in the capital also intervened with the commotion.

Queen, on the other hand, managed to capture Kid and Kamazou. While they are on their way, Kid found himself familiar with Kamazou’s laughter. It turns out that Kamazou is Killer, one of the Kid Pirates crew member. Inside the prison, Luffy then attacks Queen after watching what happened at the capital but Queen managed to defend himself easily. The end of the chapter shows Big Mom arrival at the prison showing a terrifying face.


One Piece Chapter 944 Release Date

Since we already got the leaked spoilers, expect to see the digital scan of Chapter 944 this weekend. However, the official One Piece Chapter 944 will be released on June 3rd along with the weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue.

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