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One Piece Chapter 925 Reveals The First Yonko Bounty

There are lots of things happening since the Wano Arc began, and surprisingly, the latest One Piece Chapter 925 reveals the first Yonko bounty.

Since the release of One Piece, one of the most asked questions are the bounties of the most notorious and strongest pirate captains in the world. Right now, there are 4 Yonko left after Whitebeard died. This includes Shanks, Blackbeard, Big Mom, and Kaido. Nope, I’m not considering Luffy as the 5th Yonko right now. It’s because Morgan is the one who wrote the news and the World Government did not acknowledge him as one of the emperors. Going back to the main topic, Chapter 925 will give us the idea of how strong real emperors are.

Before you continue reading, please be reminded that this post contains spoiler of One Piece Chapter 925. If you don’t want to get spoiled, you can stop reading from here.  Also, the article contains the personal opinion of the author.

First Yonko Bounty Revealed

Most of the fans are hoping to see the continuation of the Wano Arc Act 2 in One Piece Chapter 925. However, Oda decided to shift the story to the Blackbeard Pirates.

The new chapter reveals and confirms the new devil fruit users of the Blackbeard Pirates. Shiliew as the new owner of Suke Suke no Mi after getting it from Absalom and Catarina Devon holding the Mythical Zoan Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Nine-Tail Fox.

One Piece Blackbeard aka Marshall D. Teach

What’s surprising in this chapter is the revelation of the first bounty of a Yonko. You guess it right, the captain of the Blackbeard Pirates finally reveals the bounty on his head and the number is quite impressive. Blackbeard aka Marshall D. Teach, one of the four emperors (as stated on the manga) has a total bounty of 2,247,600,000 berries on his head.

One Piece Yonko Blackbeard Bounty

Blackbeard’s bounty does not surprise me at all knowing that he owns two of the strongest Devil Fruit in One Piece world. Comparing to Luffy’s 1.5 billion belly, Blackbeard’s bounty explains why he’s a Yonko.

One Piece: Blackbeard's Reaction To The 5th Emperor

This is the reason why Blackbeard laugh when he saw Luffy’s new bounty and reads that Luffy is dubbed as a new emperor by Morgan. As we all know, Luffy managed to hit his new bounty after they infiltrated and escaped Big Mom’s territory, while the other Yonko got their bounty based on their strength and their capabilities.

Luffy is strong, but we know that his power level is nothing compared to the other Yonko. Remember what happened to him after getting a single strike from Kaido?

What do you think of Blackbeard’s bounty? Do you think the other Yonko has a higher bounty on their head? Tell us what you think in the comment below.

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